[Episode 20] Interview With Sebastian From POD GPS Pet Trackers

Interview With Sebastian From POD GPS Pet Trackers

One of the biggest things that pet owners worry about is their pets going missing. It can be so easy for your dog to dart off when you open the door or your cat to go for an extended walk around the neighbourhood leaving you worried at dinner time where they are. The beauty of the POD GPS Pet Tracker is that if your pet goes missing you can locate them straight away and bring them home safely.

Today we talk to Sebastian from POD GPS Pet Tracker about the launch of the POD 3.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The story of POD and how Sebastian came up with the idea.
  • How the GPS Tracker works
  • Why it’s so beneficial to track your pets for their safe recovery
  • What other items you can track with the POD GPS Tracker
  • How you can get involved in their Kickstarter Campaign