How Do I Know My Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Has Visited My Pet?

We deal with 100’s of clients every month and we know that when someone decides to use a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking service they can be nervous about what happens and how they will know their pets are safe and that someone turned up when they were meant to.

We totally understand that you might feel a little apprehensive, after all your pets are your family. No-one wants to be wondering if their cat has been fed or their dog has been walked.

How Do We Put You At Ease When Using Pet Sitters Ireland

Check in /out with GPS

Every time we visit our clients home we check into our online booking system to confirm the visit has started. GPS technology then allows us to track the visit until it is completed. So we can see what time we arrived and what time we left, and the exact location we visited.

This technology is so vital for us to be able to see where all visits are taking place and for us to be able to confirm they all took place at the correct time.

How Do I know My Pet Sitter Visited

Call you from your home

If you live in an area with poor internet or mobile signal then we can always call you from your own home phone when we arrive. We realise that in Ireland not every location we visit has even a phone signal, so a call from a landline is certainly an option that is available if you require confirmation when we arrive for visits.

Take pictures

At every visit we take pictures of your pets so that we can send them to you at the end of the visit. It’s lovely when you are away to be able to see your pets and how happy they are with their Pet Sitter or Dog Walker.

Our aim is to get the best possible photos of your pets for your enjoyment!

Send you a pet care journal

Keeping you updated after every visit is really important. We want you to know that we fed the cat, walked the dogs, brought in the post or put the bin out. So for each visit we email you a pet care journal including a photo of your pets.

As you can see below it’s a very clear log of everything that happened at the visit, giving you peace of mind.

Pet Care Journal

Office staff monitoring visits

You might wonder why this is important, but having someone checking to make sure your visits are done is extremely important. If you have an independent pet sitter visit your pets and they get sick and are unable to visit your pets then how will you know.

What if they are too sick to get to your pets? What if you can’t get hold of them and you don’t have anyone else to check on your pets? Do you really want that stress and worry?

These are all things to consider when you are hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker.