How To Trim Your Dogs Nails: A Guide To Nail Trimming

Author: Noeleen Stedman, Gizmos Grooming

Nail care is a very important part of your pet healthcare routine. It’s so important that your dogs nails are kept short as long nails can be so uncomfortable for your pet.

As a groomer I see so many dogs with split or broken nails which can become sore and infected. I often also see dogs with ingrown nails, this is highly painful for your pet.

So it’s extremely important to keep a check on the length of your dogs nails in particular the dew claws which don’t reach the ground and thus won’t get worn down when walking on hard surfaces.

How best to trim your pets nails and is it safe to do it at home?

How To Clip Your Dogs Nails

Any good groomer will ensure your dogs nails are clipped at their groom, however if you don’t wish to bring your dog to the groomer every time their nails need a trim then it’s essential you learn how to do it

#1. Before you clip your dogs nails it’s important to understand that within your dogs nail is the quick. This is a blood supply to the nail and if you accidentally nick the quick it will bleed.

#2. When trimming your dogs nails it’s essential you buy a good quality nail clippers which will be strong enough to cut through your pet nails. I also recommend you invest in a pot of styptic powder. This is a blood clotting powder which will immediately stop bleeding should you accidentally cut the quick.

#3. Make it a fun routine for your pet, have treats at the ready and give them a treat after each nail is clipped.

#4. To start hold your dogs paw firmly in your hand. Check your dogs nails thoroughly. If your dogs nails are clear you will very easily see where the quick starts and how much length you can take off. Be sure to take off only that amount.

#5. If however your dogs nails are black this can be a little more difficult so it’s important you only take small slivers of the nail at a time working your way up. You will eventually see the bottom of the nail turn a pinkish colour and at this point you must stop cutting or you will cut the quick.

6. If you have tried the above and you find your dog is too stressed or worked up, please don’t go any further.

Yelling at your dog or forcing them to have their nails clipped won’t achieve anything in the long run and it may be a case that it’s best left to the professionals !

How Does Your Dog React To Getting Their Nails Clipped?

Do They Love It Or Hate It?

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