How To Take The Perfect Picture For Your Nose of Tralee Entry

How To Take The Perfect Picture For Your Nose of Tralee Entry

It’s that time of the year again.

Drum roll, please…

The search for Ireland’s Annual Nose of Tralee is about to begin.

Before we roll out all of the details of this year’s nationwide competition, you can start thinking about your pet’s Nose of Tralee entry picture.

Let’s start with a few tips on how to take the perfect picture for a Nose of Tralee Entry.

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How To Take The Perfect Picture For A Nose of Tralee Entry

#1. Groom your pet.

Start the day off right by spoiling your pooch or cat with a spa morning. Give your dog or cat a luxurious bath then brush her for a shiny coat. Get her all glammed up for her photo shoot. And, don’t forget to chat with her during her spa, telling her what a beautiful girl she is so her confidence is high when she gets in front of the camera.

#2. Treat your pet to a new collar and/or lead.

Nothing gives a guy or a gal an extra boost of confidence like a new accessory. A new collar or a matching collar and lead can make the perfect accessory for your newly groomed Nose of Tralee candidate.

#3. Choose an eye-catching background.

Your pet would look like a star with just a plain black background and a few lights. But, capture the Nose of Tralee judges’ attention with an eye-catching backdrop. Maybe your dog loves to lounge by the pool on a warm summer day or your cat likes to perch upon a dining room chair. Be creative and find a background that highlights your pet’s personality.

#4. Use props.

Add some fun and personality to your pet’s Nose of Tralee picture by using props. A bowtie or a dog-sized top hat on your gentlemanly pooch or a sparkly tiara on your furry feline friend could add a touch of whimsy or style to your Nose of Tralee picture entry.

#5. Keep it light.

The Nose of Tralee is all about having fun so make your photo shoot a lighthearted event. Keep snapping the camera even if your pet refuses to cooperate. Some of the world’s best photographs, after all, weren’t planned. Don’t forget to shower your beloved pet with plenty of praise, affection, and maybe even a few treats.

Start thinking about how you will take the perfect picture for your Nose of Tralee entry. Don’t forget to have fun!

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