How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Dogs can be quite creative, especially when it comes to digging. A dog who loves to dig can transform your once pristine back garden into a minefield of holes that you’ll have to carefully maneuver – or risk a sprained ankle or even worse.

Save your sanity, protect your garden, and keep your dog happily entertained by turning his attention away from the lure of digging to fun, more appropriate activities.


How To Stop Your Dog Digging

5 Tips To Stop Your Dog Digging Up Your Garden

#1. Spice every day up with different dog toys. Dogs are a lot like kids. They get bored. Nothing says fun like a new toy. The good news is you can keep your dog interested and happy without breaking the bank. Take all of your dog’s toys – the balls, the interactive toys, the squeak toys, and the kongs – and put them away. Give your dog one or two toys each day. Take those toys away the next day and give one or two other toys. That way, your dog will always have “new” toys and he’ll be less likely to get bored.

#2. Add toys to your outdoor space. Make sure your dog has plenty to keep him occupied while he’s outdoors. Interactive toys that dispense a treat will keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated and will keep him detracted from digging. Playing with your dog to tire him out while he’s outdoors can also be an effective means of stopping the digging.

#3. Take daily walks. Go for at least two walks with your dog each day. Walks allow your dog to socialize and to expend energy. A tired dog is a happy dog. If you do not have time to walk your dog twice daily, consider hiring a dog walking service, such as Pet Sitters Ireland, that will come to your home, pick up your dog, and take him for a walk on the days and at the times you specify.

#4. Train your dog to do tricks. All dogs need physical and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. Tricks can provide your dog with plenty of stimulation and will help keep his attention from digging. Even teaching your dog how to play a game of fetch can help deter him from digging, especially when he’s outside.

#5. Take a training class. An obedience class is often an effective way of teaching dog parents how to deal with unwanted behaviors like digging and also teaches dogs how to listen to their owners.

Getting your dog to stop digging is possible and rather simple if you’re proactive and make sure he has plenty to keep him physically and mentally stimulated.

Let us know how you get on stopping your dog from digging!



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