How To Prepare Your House For Christmas With Pets

As the calendar turns closer to winter, many people’s attention turns to the upcoming holidays: Decorating the house, buying gifts, and making the season’s favourite foods.

Preparing for the holidays can and often does prove stressful with so much to do and often little time to tick everything off the “to do” list.

Alleviate some of your holiday stress with these tips on how to prepare your house for Christmas with pets:

Oh, Christmas tree!

For many, Christmas trees are the centerpiece of the home during the holidays. But, they can also pose a hazard if you have pets. Cats have been known to jump up and pull the tree, with all of its decorations, onto the floor. Rabbits enjoy chewing everything – including wires to Christmas lights and tree needles, regardless if the tree is real or not. One effective way to protect your pets, your tree, and those gifts on Christmas morning is to put a barrier – a kiddie fence or a gate – around your tree. If you can’t do that, always supervise your pets when around the tree and keep any potentially poisonous plants, like the poinsettia, out of the reach of your pets.

Not suitable for children – or pets

If it’s not suitable for children, it’s probably not suitable for your pets either. Just like young children face choking hazards from small parts of toys and small toys, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and other pets can choke on small parts and small toys. Make sure all the gifts you buy are appropriate for your pets.

Christmas Pets

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Play the part of Santa for your pets this season by surprising them with their favourite treats, toys, and maybe even a new bed or a new collar and lead set. Find some of the best dog and cat toys, pet beds, and collars and leads in Ireland by visiting Pet Sitters Ireland’s online shop here.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Everyone’s gathered around the tree, opening their gifts. Your pet wants to be part of the festivities too. In fact, some pets – dogs, cats, and even rabbits – enjoy ripping off wrapping paper to get to their gifts. Wrap your pet’s presents in wrapping paper, too, so she can be part of the celebration. To make it safer, don’t use too much tape and take the toys out of their original wrapping, if applicable, first.

How do you prepare your house for Christmas with pets?



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