How to Pick A Christmas Present For Your Cat or Dog

The entire season leads up to that one day, that one period of 24 hours where all the world comes together to celebrate the season, their families, and their friends. And, one of the most anticipated parts of that day, Christmas morning, promises magical moments, the start of lifelong memories, and a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

For most people, their dogs and cats are a valued and a much loved part of the family. Buying a Christmas present for your cat or dog may provide one of your biggest challenges. You’ll likely find so many options you just don’t know which or how many presents to choose.

Here are several tips for how to pick a Christmas present for your cat or dog:

Does your pet love fashion?

Transform your perfect pooch or fabulous feline into a fashionista or a prince among cats and dogs with a brand new collar and lead set. Pet Sitters Ireland offers a variety of designer and every day dog collars and matching leads and cat collars that will start your dog’s or your cat’s new year of fashion off in style.

Christmas Dog Collar

Does your pet love long naps?

Who doesn’t love a long, peaceful nap? It’s the perfect way to pass a cold winter afternoon and an equally ideal way to hide from the heat of a summer’s afternoon. Surprise your pup or kitty with a brand new bed. Pet Sitters Ireland offers a full range of pet beds and sleep sacks (put old clothing or blankets into the sack, close zipper, and voila! You have a brand new bed.) for both dogs and cats.

Christmas Dog Bed

How fast does your pet come running at meal time?

Does your dog or cat come running when they hear you tiptoe into the kitchen? Or do they circle at your feet every time they hear the refrigerator door opening? Add a touch of excitement to your dog or cat’s mealtime routine with a brand new food and water bowl from Pet Sitters Ireland’s online shop, which is chock full of dog bowls and cat bowls.

Christmas Bowls

Is your pet sentimental?

If your pet could talk, do you think he would tell you how much he loves you in lines of poetry or in big bear hugs? Play to your pet’s sentimental side and say “I love you” with an edible card. Pet Sitters Ireland’s online shop features fun chewable rawhide cards for your beloved pooch and brightly coloured cat cards complete with a catnip toy for your precious cat.

Christmas Cat Card

How do you pick a Christmas present for your cat or dog?



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