How To Make Sure Your Pet Wins The Nose Of Tralee 2015

As a finalist of the 2015  Nose Of Tralee, it’s time to start planning your strategy to garner your beloved finalist the most votes from the community and fellow pet lovers. Flex your creativity and have fun as you embark on the next step of this year’s Nose of Tralee competition.

How To Make Sure Your Pet Wins The Nose of Tralee

Capture voters’ attention with an unforgettable photograph

A picture may be worth a thousand words but an unforgettable photograph takes it even further. An unforgettable photograph says a thousand words and captures a viewer’s emotions – whether happy, sad, or angry. Think about what goes viral: the photograph of a tiny kitten sleeping, a dog standing on her hind legs, or a bunny with her tongue sticking out. Have fun taking the photograph and capture your pet’s personality.

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Win hearts with a strong written entry

Make pet lovers fall in love with your pet by submitting a strong written entry. Tell the world about your pet: her likes, her dislikes, and what makes her special to you. Share your story of how you met your pet and what makes her the ideal candidate to win the Nose of Tralee.

Campaign for votes

Just as important as an eye-catching photograph and a compelling written entry is your campaign for votes. Get out there and convince others to vote for your pet for the 2015 Nose of Tralee. Here are some fun and easy ways to spread the word and to win votes:

  • Take to Twitter. News spreads fast on Twitter, so make sure you share your Nose of Tralee finalist’s photograph and story and ask for votes. Don’t forget to add a link to the voting page to make it easy for fans to vote.
  • Find fans on Facebook. Cause a storm on Facebook, posting your finalist’s story, photo, and asking for votes. Ask your friends to share your post to help add to your vote total.
  • Inspire votes on Instagram. Share your finalist’s favourite photos on Instagram and campaign for more votes.
  • Team up with family and friends. Enlist your family and friends to help you tally more votes. Perhaps they can share your posts on Facebook and Twitter, pass out flyers, or get others involved in voting.
  • Contact last year’s Nose of Tralee in your county. No one knows what you’re experiencing better than last year’s Nose of Tralee finalists. Contact the finalist from your county and ask for some tips. What did the finalist’s family do to garner votes and to spread the word about the Nose of Tralee?
  • Pass out flyers. Create a flyer with your finalist’s photo, her story, and a link to the voting page and carry flyers, and hand them out, wherever you go.
  • Contact your local media. Newspapers and television and radio stations love a good local story. What could be better than sharing the story of a local pet who’s been recognized in a national competition? Contact your local media to share your story and get publicity for your finalist.

Share your success with us!

The inaugural Nose of Tralee competition was a smashing success with contestants and the contest itself receiving media attention. Did you and your pet participate in this year’s Nose of Tralee and receive a nod in the media, a blurb in the newspaper, or a mention on television? Share your success with us! Send us your pictures and/or press clippings and we’ll promote them on our Facebook page. Remember, one of the keys to garnering votes is to get the word out about your pet.

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