How To Keep Your Dog Active With A Range of Dog Toys

“I’m bored. I have nothing to do.”

Chances are you’ve either said those words as a child or you’ve cringed, as you look at a house full of toys, when the words escape your own child’s lips. If a child is bored with an abundance of toys, imagine how bored your dog can become playing with the same toys day after day.

Dogs and kids share certain traits. Both require mental and physical stimulation. And, both will inevitably become bored with the same toys, no matter how many toys they have. But, you may find it easier to keep your dog from falling into the trap of boredom.

Keep your dog mentally and physically active by providing him with a variety of toys. One effective way to prevent your dog from becoming bored is to rotate toys. Give your dog several toys one day. Take them away and give him other toys the next.

Here are several fun toys that will keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated:

Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

Challenge your pooch to get the treats out of an interactive puzzle ball. Puzzles are great for holding dogs’ attention as they attempt to maneuver their favorite treats through the puzzle and out of the ball. The interactive dog puzzle is available in dazzling pink and stunning green. Check out this interactive dog toy here.

Kong Traxx

The Kong Traxx is designed just like a mini tire, making it perfect for an energy busting game of fetch. And, when your dog is tired of running back and forth, you can simply stuff a few of his favorite treats into the kong. He can flop down, maneuver the treats out of the puzzle kong, and catch his breath after his game of fetch. Learn more about the Kong Traxx here.

Kong Traxx

Shoe Dog Toy

Dogs love shoes – well, most love chewing on shoes. Protect your favorite shoes and keep your pup mesmerized with a zebra patterned soft chew toy. The shoe dog toy will add variety to your dog’s toy box and is ideal for chewing and play sessions. Click here to see the shoe dog toy.

Kong Squeaker Bear

Squeak! Squeak! Some dogs just love to play with their squeak toys right in the middle of the night. The Kong Squeaker Bear, however, features an on and off button, which means your dog can chew to his heart’s content at night while you sleep and he can enjoy the melodious squeak all day while you are at work. Find out if the Kong Squeaker Bear is ideal for your pampered pooch by clicking here.

What is your dog’s favorite toy?



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