How to Choose Pet Friendly Furnishings

Sometimes having pets is similar to having children: You have to adapt your home to their needs – and to protect your belongings, including the furniture, flooring, and even the paint on the walls. You can begin pet proofing with the very basics – such as flooring and paint – especially if you are moving or are remodeling your home.

Here are several tips to help you choose pet friendly furnishings:

How To Choose Pet Friendly Furnishings

Go for the sturdy flooring.

Hardwood floors may look absolutely stunning throughout your house but, if your pets are going to have access to the rooms with hardwood, be prepared for scratches and scuffing. If you must have hardwood floors, protect them by putting throw rugs on the areas most used by your pets. Carpet, too, can cause problems, especially if your pets like to dig or to chew.

Many pet owners have found that vinyl flooring is ideal for having pets. Vinyl flooring is typically easy to clean, is durable, and doesn’t scratch as easily as hardwood floors.

Find pet friendly, non-toxic paint.

Walls can quickly accumulate with pet dander and, if you’re going to paint your walls while your pets and your family are staying at the house, the fumes can potentially cause both you and your pets to become sick.

One of your biggest concerns should be finding a pet friendly, non-toxic paint. To make it easier to clean the dog droll, the cat fur, and the other messes from the walls, you may want to consider a washable paint or a semi-gloss paint, which is easier to clean than typical paint.

Choose durable furniture.

The type of furniture you choose may depend on your pets. Some people swear by the sturdiness of leather furniture, which often lasts longer than fabric furniture. However, if you have cats, your leather may be at risk.

Microfiber furniture has earned the reputation for being durable. Better still, cats often do not have the same inclination to claw at microfiber as they might with leather or fabric furniture. In addition, keeping microfiber furniture clean is simple by vacuuming or using a roller brush. You can also use a damp cloth on microfiber.

If you don’t want to buy new furniture or it just doesn’t fit into your budget right now, you can also purchase sofa, loveseat, and chair coverings for only a fraction of the cost of new furniture. These coverings can protect and keep your furniture in good shape.

What tips do you have for choosing pet friendly flooring, paint, and furniture?



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