How To Choose Pet-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Pet Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a house clean with pets can be, at best, a challenge. Even with the tidiest pet, fur or feathers shed on furniture, floors, and clothes. Pets sometimes leave toys abandoned in the middle of the room or scattered throughout the house. Accidents, especially as pets grow older, happen on carpeted floors and spilled food can sometimes be commonplace.

A clean house, however, doesn’t have to be a distant dream or an unattainable goal, especially if you choose pet-friendly cleaning supplies

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How To Choose Pet-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

#1. Go The Natural Route

Sometimes the safest and the easiest way to keep your home clean is to opt for natural pet-friendly cleaning products. Two of the most popular and all natural cleaning products are vinegar and baking soda, each of which can help remove odours and stains from carpets and furniture.

#2. Look for Products Labelled Pet-Friendly or Pet Safe

Many cleaning products carry labels, declaring if the product is pet-friendly or pet safe. Choose only those products that are pet-friendly. If you are still concerned, even with the pet safe label, either go the natural route or go online to learn more about the product at the manufacturer’s website.

You may also find helpful information from other pet parents if you do an internet search for “product name + review.”

#3. Read Product Ingredients

Don’t just assume that a product is safe for use around pets. To ensure your pet’s safety, read the ingredients of any cleaning products you plan to purchase, especially if the product isn’t labelled as pet safe or pet-friendly.

Common household chemicals that are not pet-friendly, include:

  • Ammonia can be particularly hazardous to birds and small animals.
  • Bleach can pose a danger to all animals and may result in anemia, cancer, and even liver damage in pets.
  • Formaldehyde, which may be found in household cleaning products and even pet shampoo, can cause cancer and affect those with asthma.

If you must absolutely use a non-pet friendly product to clean your floor, for example, make sure you keep your pet out of the room until you have cleaned the floor and it is dry. In addition, whether you have birds in a cage or who are free fly, do not allow them in the any rooms in which you are cleaning (nor should you allow them in or near the kitchen when you are cooking).

What is your favourite pet-friendly cleaning product? Let us know in the comments.


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