How To Bond With Your New Puppy

Puppy Training

Adopting and bringing home a new puppy is often an exciting, joyous adventure. But, having a puppy in the house generally mean a big adjustment: A puppy requires plenty of attention, especially during the all-important development stages, or else you risk him becoming bored and destructive.

Be proactive and you’ll quickly be on the path to developing a strong, lifelong bond with your newest family member.

Tips to begin to bond with your puppy right away:

#1. Show your puppy plenty of love and affection.

Most animals, even the most aloof, crave affection, and puppies are no different. Give your puppy plenty of hugs and pats on the head during the day. Reward him with praise when he does something you ask of him, such as fetching a ball you’ve just thrown.

#2. Schedule daily play time.

Play time is just as important to bonding with your puppy as it is to keep him from becoming bored and destructive. Soft toys – such as a squeak toy that can be thrown, chased, and chewed – are best for a puppy’s teeth.  Soft dog bone toys also allow your puppy the chance to run, fetch, and even play a gentle game of tug.

#. 3 Train your puppy. 

Your puppy must have rules and boundaries or else he’ll grow up to be a destructive dog. If you don’t have experience training a puppy, enroll in training classes that you and your puppy can attend together. Dogs are pack animals, and one dog is the pack leader. Training will allow your puppy to learn you, or another member of your family, are the pack leader.

#4. Use positive reinforcement.

Think back to when you were a kid – or even as an adult with a supervisor at work – and you were told you did something wrong. Perhaps you were made to feel shame. People and animals both tend to respond much more positively to positive reinforcement. If your puppy doesn’t listen or does something wrong, do not yell at or hit him. He won’t respond and his trust in you will begin to falter.

#5. Groom your puppy each day.

Not all puppies need to be groomed daily or even weekly. But, grooming is an ideal way to spend quiet time with and bond with your new puppy. While you’re grooming your puppy, talk to him in soft, positive tones.

Bringing your puppy home can cause anxiety for both your family and your newest addition. However, puppies are often loveable and crave affection, making it easy – with patience and time – to create a lifelong bond with your newest family member.

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