How Regular Grooming Will Make Cleaning Your Home Even Easier

As the days draw closer to spring, the sweet melody of the birds begins to fill the air; days grow longer; and many pets begin to lose their old winter coats to prepare for another season of their lives.

And, as your beloved pet begins to shed his winter coat, your furniture, clothing, carpets, and just about everything in the house begins to sprout his fur or hair.

Maintaining a clean home with pets can be challenging any time of the year. But, when your pet is shedding, that challenge can become impossible – almost.

How Regular Grooming Will Make Cleaning

Create a grooming schedule

Grooming is essential to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Groom your pet according to his particular breed’s needs, paying extra attention to grooming during periods of heavy shedding. If your pet doesn’t like being brushed or needs a regular cut, you may want to consider using the services of a groomer. When you groom your pet regularly, you’ll find less fur/hair around your home.

Bathe your dog regularly

A regular bath can help alleviate pet dander and allergens. In addition, a quick wipe down, when your dog comes in the house after playing in the mud, for example, can also help keep dirt and debris from cluttering your home.

But, even with regular grooming, fur and hair are inevitably going to find themselves on the floor, furniture, and clothing.

Here are some tips to quickly and easily remove that pesky fur/hair:

  • Throw a sheet or a blanket over furniture and/or chairs that attract fur and hair that your pets are allowed to snooze on, especially during the heavy shedding season.
  • Use a roller/lint brush to quickly remove excess hair and fur from your clothing and even your furniture. Some pet experts also advise that using a fabric softener dryer sheet will do the trick as well.
  • Vacuum your carpets regularly. If you have the proper vacuum attachments, you may also be able to vacuum your furniture with the same ease as using a roller or a lint brush. If you find yourself in a bind, a piece of duct tape can easily lift up fur and hair, too.
  • A can of compressed air, which usually comes with a nozzle, can help you rid your computer keyboards and other small spaces of pesky pet hair and fur.

What is the biggest challenge you face when trying to keep your home clean during shedding season?



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