How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

How Often Should I Walk My Dog

We get asked the question how often should I walk my dog a lot, and it’s one of those questions that has the ‘it depends’ answer. There are so many factors to take into account that it’s not a one size fits.

The age, breed, size, activity level and health are all factors in determining how often you need to walk your dog.

Think about the last time you failed to walk your dog during the day. Or, if that’s never happened, imagine what you would return home to find if your dog didn’t get his daily walks. You might find a chewed up sofa, your favourite shoes with a massive hole or a home that looks as though it’s been ransacked by a professional.

Dogs need their daily exercise. Going for daily walks can help ensure your dog’s good health and can contribute to a longer lifespan.

As a general guide, two twenty minute walks per day is a good guide for how often and for how long you should walk your dog. An even better guide though is how satisfied your dog is after their walk. Are they still full of energy when they come back or are they struggling to keep up with the walk towards the end of it?

How often should you walk your dog?

Well, that really depends on several factors, including:

The Age Of Your Dog.

How old is your dog? Puppies will generally need much more exercise to expend their boundless energy than an elderly dog with arthritis, who may need only a few short walks each day.

You will probably notice as your dog gets older the length of their walks will naturally decrease as their desire for exercise reduces.

The Breed Of Your Dog.

Some breeds are extremely hyper throughout their lives and require plenty of exercise each day to avoid destructive behaviour. Others don’t need quite as much exercise. If you have a high energy dog, you’re going to have to walk them more often.

The Size Of Your Dog

A smaller dog will generally need shorter walks. This may mean that you do more frequent walks for shorter periods of time. Often small dogs will get lots of exercise in your back garden or playing games in the home.How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

The Health Of Your Dog.

Is your dog in good health? A dog in good health will be able to take more walks each day than a dog who suffers from an illness or chronic health problems. If your dog has heart disease, they may not be able to walk as often as a dog with no significant health problems.

The Weather.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many walks your dog needs each day the weather says “no way, you’re not walking today.” Often it is only possible to take your dog for a walk when the weather permits. For example, avoid walking in extreme temperatures. If we are experiencing a hot spell, walk your dog early in the morning or wait until the sun has gone down to take her out to avoid heat stroke.

If the rain is extremely heavy you might find that your dog does not want to go for a walk, they would prefer to play games inside until the rain stops. For those dogs that love the rain, then a doggie raincoat is another option.

The House You Live In

If you live in an apartment you will likely need to take your dog for more walks than if you live in a house with a garden. Most dogs will need to go to the toilet several times during the day and if they don’t have access to go out into the garden for a quick toilet break then they will need to be taken for a walk.

Your Own Schedule

Sometimes how often you walk your dog each day depends upon you and how much time you have.

Fortunately, you can hire a professional dog walker, through Pet Sitters Ireland, who can come to your home at a predetermined time on predetermined days and take your dog for a walk while you are at work or away from home.

A professional dog walker can ensure your dog gets the walks she needs and provides her with the opportunity to socialize and to get outdoors each day.

What Is The Right Number Of Times To Walk Your Dog Each Day?

Essentially, there’s no right or wrong answer for how often you should walk your dog each day. It all really boils down to your dog’s specific situation: their health, breed, age, and personality.

If you’re uncertain how often you should walk your dog each day, consult with your vet. Your vet knows your dog’s overall health and needs better than anyone, except you, and can provide an accurate assessment.

Ideas To Keep Your Dog Exercised

If you are looking for ways to keep your dog exercised then why not download our ebook outlining exercises you can do with your dog.

These are fun ways you and your dog can spend time together and your dog can get the exercise they need.



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