How Much Does Owning A Cat Cost?

How Much Owning Cat Cost

When you are getting any pet it’s important to establish the cost involved as owning a pet is a long-term commitment. In this week’s video, we answer the question How Much Does Owning A Cat Cost.

You’ve decided to get a cat. Congratulations it’s a great choice of pet. Now you are probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you and what items you are going to need to purchase for them.

How Much Does Owning A Cat Cost?


Consider the type of food that you want to feed your cat. We have clients who feed their cat’s store bought food, vet food, and pet store brands. It really depends on the type of food that you think will suit your cat and your budget best.

Many cat owners even consider opting for a raw diet or homemade food diet. And, of course, you can always bake your own cat treats.


You need to consider what type of toys, climbing frames and bedding you are going to get for your cat. There are lots of options on the market for cat toys. Maybe you want an interactive game that they can play with when you are out or something that you and your cat can play with together.

Cats love to chase items and many are fond of catnip toys.

Litter and Litter Trays

Most cat owners opt for litter and a tray for their cat. There are lots of choices when it comes to the litter box and the litter itself. Some are enclosed litter boxes which can keep the smell down and others are just a basic tray. Litter also varies considerably in price. Generally speaking though the more you pay for it the better it will clump and keep smells down.

You could, of course, opt for a plumbed in self-cleaning cat toilet that does all the hard work for you. These can be expensive but are often a great investment especially in a multi cat household.

Vet Fees

Even if your cat never gets sick there are still costs that you will incur from vet visits. All kittens require a serious of initial vaccinations and flea and worm treatments. They will also need annual vaccinations and continual flea and worming products.

You might want to consider pet insurance as well when you get your cat. This means that vets fees would be covered if you cat got sick at any stage. It can be great peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to worry about a huge bill if your cat ever got sick.

Pet Care Costs

You might not have thought about the cost of pet care when you decide to take a holiday. While people think cats are independent they still need to be cared for when you travel away for a holiday, take a weekend away or a just get home late from work.

There are several options including asking friends and family, using a cattery or allowing your cat to stay at home and use a Cat Sitter.

You will know your cat best and be able to choose a pet care solution that meets your needs best.

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