How Much Does A Dog Walker Cost? (Prices/Rates)

How much does a dog walker cost

When deciding whether you want to use the services of a dog walker of course price is something that is an important factor to consider. You want to know how much a dog walker costs.

It is, however, also important to consider a number of other things when it comes to choosing the right Dog Walker for your dog.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Dog Walker

Solo or Group Walk

If you are booking a Group Walk you may find that it is cheaper than a solo walk. Simply because your dog will be collected in the back of a van with many other dogs and then taken off to a specific location to be walked.

This means a Dog Walker can walk multiple dogs at the same time and so can charge a lower rate.

It does, however, mean that your dog is not getting 1 to 1 attention because there are a number of other dogs also needing the Dog Walkers attention. It also means there is a potential for 2 dogs in the group to not get along. We have written about the Pros and Cons of Group Dog Walking so you can make an informed decision about this.

Frequency of Walk

If you are considering getting a Dog Walk every day for your dog then you may be able to get a discount for using the services frequently. We have a Quick Breaks programme specifically for dog owners using our Dog Walking service every day which offers a discounted rate.

The short walk is a chance for your dog to stretch their legs, get a breath of fresh air and take a quick toilet break. It’s a perfect solution for people that work Monday – Friday

Length of Walk

How long you want your dog walked will affect the cost of the Dog Walker. The longer the dog walk the more expensive it will be. When you decide how long you need your dog walked for then you should take into account how long you are already walking them each day yourself, how long you are out of the house and if it is exercise your dog needs from a Dog Walker or a toilet break during the day.

Legitimate Company

There is no getting away from the fact that a neighbourhood kid, a cash operator or a friend down the road is going to be a much cheaper Dog Walking option for you. They have no overheads, they are probably dealing with cash transactions and this isn’t their full-time occupation. Our article on why you shouldn’t ask a friend of neighbour will clarify some of the problems.

What you get with a legitimate company though is consistency, accountability and reliability. A Dog Walking company is there to provide a professional service to you every day of the year. They have systems in place to make sure that your dog never misses a walk and that your Dog Walks are carried out as per your requirements.

The Cost Of Dog Walking With Pet Sitters Ireland.

All walks are private so your pet gets the full attention of the Dog Walker. We do not do group walks unless dogs are from the same household.

In our experience, we have found that the dog doesn’t get their full walk if you walk them with other dogs. More time is spent stopping for dogs to sniff trees, bushes etc and obviously each dogs poo needs to be picked up, so it ends up more stopping and starting than walking.

Cost of a Private Walk with Pet Sitters Ireland

Dog walks start from around 23 euro depending on the length of the walk.

We also offer our Quick Break Service – starting from around 12.50 euro for a 20 minute walk Monday-Friday. The Quick Break programme is perfect for people who work Mon-Fri. It is not intended to be your dog’s main walk of the day, but rather a ‘Quick Break’ to let them out for a toilet break and some fresh air. It just breaks the day up for them. T & C’s Apply.

Prices include VAT.

If you want to find out more about our Dog Walking options and meet us then please Contact Us or call 1800 30 30 10




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