How Dogs Can Help You Socialise

Maybe you’re an introvert. Or, perhaps you just don’t have the time to socialise as much as you would like.

Regardless of whether you would prefer an afternoon reading alone to a long conversation or you have a hectic schedule, you’ll quickly discover that dogs can help you socialise and open more doors – to new friendships and to new experiences – than you’ve ever imagined possible.

Here are several fun ways dogs can help you socialise:

Go to the dog park

Dog parks provide the perfect backdrop for dogs to make new canine and human friends and to enjoy playing with other dogs. If you haven’t already, watch sometime at how easy it is for your dog to make new friends. A dog park is also the perfect place to help you socialise. You already know you have one thing in common with everyone there: You love dogs. What better conversation starter than to start asking questions about the other person’s dog? What’s your dog’s name? What kind of breed is he? How old is he? Before you know it, you may well be embroiled in a long, non-canine discussion.

Join a dog training class

A well-trained dog will save both you and your pooch plenty of frustration throughout his lifetime. A dog training class allows both you and your dog to socialise with other people and canines. You’ll get the added benefits of learning how to teach your dog to answer your commands and form an even closer bond with your dog.

Become a part of a dog walking group

Do you enjoy long walks with your dog? Consider joining a dog walking group, an effective way your dog can help you socialise and your dog can get the socialision he craves.

Socialise dogs

Schedule puppy playdates

Kids love playdates. And so, it turns out, do dogs. Maybe you and your dog have made new friends at the dog park or during your dog walks. Suggest a puppy playdate. Playdates can be as simple as joining your new friends for a walk through the park or spending the day hiking at a favourite hiking spot.

Take advantage of the compliments

Ahhh, your dog is so cute. Can I pet your puppy? You probably hear those – and more –when you walk your dog. Those compliments provide the perfect conversation starter. Even a brief conversation can help you socialise and make your day even better.

How does your dog help you socialise?



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