How Children Can Stay Safe With Dogs

You’re patient. You let the kids poke you, pull at your hair, and wrestle with you. You don’t say anything about them touching your lunch, although you would have really preferred to eat it without a bunch of little fingers poking and prodding.

Then you feel a pinch on your side. Your patience has vaporized and you’re ready to explode.

Now imagine if you are a dog, a cat, or even any other kind of animal, being poked and prodded by strange little fingers and having your meal seemingly threatened.

Children and dogs can – and do – become the best of friends, creating memories and friendships that will always be fondly remembered. But, children have to first learn how to respect dogs, something you can help them with by teaching them these important rules:

Always ask for permission before approaching a dog.

It’s natural for most people to want to pet a dog when they see one. But, in reality, no one knows whether the dog is friendly, afraid of people, or aggressive. Teach your children to be safe with dogs by always asking permission to pet a dog and only pet that dog when the owner has said it is okay to do so.

Keep your face out of a dog’s face.

Many people find it irresistible and simply have to give dogs a big kiss on the head. That’s one of the best parts of best friendship with a pooch, as long as your dog is okay with it. However, kissing a strange dog or a dog who is not familiar with you could have harsh consequences.

Be gentle with all dogs.

No one likes to be poked and prodded and made fun of, including animals. Gently petting and talking softly with dogs will lead to mutual trust and respect, which may just signify the start of a lifelong friendship that only those with dogs can truly understand.

Safety Around Dogs

Always supervise children when they are around dogs.

Supervise your children when they are around dogs, even your dog, particularly when they are younger. A newborn or an infant should never be left alone with a dog.

Dogs can become the best of friends with family members very quickly. The key to a happy and healthy relationship between your dog and your children is to teach your children how to behave around and to respect their four-legged buddies.

What is the most important way you keep your children safe with dogs?




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