House Sitting Versus Pet Sitting: What Is The Difference?

Many people approach Pet Sitters Ireland with the questions: What is the difference between house sitting and pet sitting? As a pet sitter, will you also be caring for my house while I’m away from home? What can I expect when I hire a pet sitter?

Those are understandably common questions that you’ll finally have the answers to today.

House sitter

What is house sitting?

Let’s say you’re going on holiday for a month or you’re traveling out of the country for an extended period for business. Maybe you don’t want to leave your home empty during that time. You can hire a house sitter to ensure everything runs smoothly at your home – the bills are paid on time, the lawn is mowed, the post is brought in, and so on. The house sitter will live at your house rent free and receive a prior agreed-upon fee for taking on the responsibilities you explicitly define in a contract you both sign.

If you have pets, a house sitter will also care for your pets. However, if you opt for a house sitter over a pet sitter, make sure the house sitter has verifiable experience and references of working with and caring for pets.

What is pet sitting?

A professional pet sitter doesn’t typically stay at your house or live there rent free. A professional pet sitter’s main focus is generally on caring for your pets and she will visit your pets one, two, or however many times a day you schedule. Most pet sitters also offer overnight visits for those pets who require special care or who just prefer having someone with them at night.

Your professional pet sitter will feed, walk, play with, and provide your pets with everything they need while you are away. In addition, a pet sitter will generally perform light chores, such as bringing in the post daily, taking the bin in and out, and turning lights on and off to give your house the appearance that someone is home.

How can Pet Sitters Ireland help you?

The professionals at Pet Sitters Ireland can care for your pets in several ways, including:

  • Pet sitting appointments. You can schedule one, two, three, or however many visits you think your pet will need each day. Please note that, due to safety issues, we now require at least one visit every day for cats, rather than every other day.
  • Overnight pet sitting. If your pet prefers companionship through the night or has special medical needs, you can schedule overnight pet sitting. Your professional pet sitter will bring her own supplies and spend the night with your pet.

In addition to caring for your beloved pets, our professional pet sitters will also bring in your post, turn the lights on and off, and take your bin out and bring it back in. In fact, the professional pet sitters at Pet Sitters Ireland listen to and follow your specific instructions for the care of your pets.

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