Homemade Dog Toy Ideas

Most dogs are like kids. Buy them expensive toys and they might be wide-eyed and interested at first. But, as time drags on, they’re more likely to play with an empty box or start tossing around an old sock. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on store bought dog toys. You can, in fact, take materials you probably already have in your home and make toys your dog will love.

Here are some fun homemade dog toy ideas:

Homemade Dog Toy Ideas

Tug of War Sock

Maybe you’re a victim of that old sock phenomenon. You put a pair in the dryer and, mysteriously, only one of the pair comes out of that same dryer. The good news is you can use that surviving sock to make a fun tug of war toy for your dog. Simply tie the sock, creating a knot in the middle and voila! You are ready for a good, old fashioned game of tug of war.

Digging Box

Some dogs love digging, a love out of which they may never grow. Stop worrying about your dog digging up your garden or even your sofa. Find an old sandbox or an old box big enough for your dog to fit in and to dig to his heart’s content. Fill with dirt or with sand and you’ve got an instant hit for your favourite digger.

Water Bottle Shaker

Challenge your dog to get his own treats with a plastic water bottle shaker. Cut little holes throughout the water bottle. The holes should be large enough for the treats to fit through. Drop the treats in the bottle and twist the lid on tight. Watch as your dog tosses the toy trying to get the treats out.

Water Bottle Noise Maker

Remember your widower sock? Surely you have enough. Put an empty plastic water bottle in the sock. Tie the sock at the top so the bottle cannot fall out and you have an instant crinkle toy, which most dogs love.

Throw Toy

Have an old t-shirt that you never wear anymore? Or one that you really liked in the store but when you brought it home it just didn’t work for you anymore? Transform that piece of cloth into hours of fun by braiding it into a throw toy for your dog. Best of all, when it becomes dirty, just toss it in the washing machine, machine or hang dry, and it’s as good as new for your pooch.

What is your dog’s favourite homemade dog toy?



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