5 Ways To Ensure You Don’t Hire a Bad Dog Walker!

When you are using any service provider it’s always a good idea to do some research about the service they provide. Find out as much as you can about them, talk to previous customers, check out their website and their social media pages. Basically do your homework!!

Hiring a bad dog walker can have many negative effects on you and your pet.

To make sure that you always have a great experience look for these 5 things:

My Dog Walker is the best!!

1. Love of Dogs. Sounds simple – but really you would want to know that the person walking your dog actually likes dogs. You need someone that understands your dog, can relate to them and most importantly can handle them and knows what to do in any situation. You don’t want someone who is just a Dog Walker to earn an extra few euro – they need to care!

2. Reliable. Your dog walker needs to turn up on time. We spend a lot of time when taking on Dog Walkers making sure they understand the importance of being on time. You don’t want your dog sitting with their paws crossed waiting for their Dog Walker to decide to turn up. Dogs like routine and will be expecting someone coming to take them out.

3. Ability to Follow Instructions. When you meet with your Dog Walker then you are going to tell them everything you want them to do to. Where to take your dog for a walk, how long they should be walked for and what things need doing when you get home. You want them to remember all this and actually carry out your wishes. An online booking system can allow you to record all that information to make sure there is no confusion.

4. Common Sense. You want to feel reassured that if you dog looks unwell that they will notice. That if they are in the park and a large dog comes towards them that they will turn the corner and take another direction with your dog. That if they are at the park they don’t let your dog off the lead and lose them.

5. Back-up Plan. You need to know that there is a process in place if your Dog Walker gets sick, gets delayed or an emergency comes up for them. Your dog won’t understand what a ‘personal emergency is’ they just want their walk. Make sure you know what will happen in the event that your Dog Walker cannot make the walk with your dog on any given day.

These are just some of the things to consider when hiring a professional Dog Walker. If you would like to talk to us about choosing a Dog Walker then feel free to give us a call on 1800 30 30 10.

Even if Pet Sitters Ireland isn’t the Dog Walking company for you then we would still love to help you!



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