Halloween Treats Your Dogs Will Love

Hey, you. Yeah, you. BOO!

The crisp autumn air. The crunch of leaves beneath feet. Ghosts and goblins, princesses and super heroes, tiny tigers and mythical creatures.

Halloween is right around the corner and there’s no better time to celebrate autumn that on All Hallows’ Day. Kids – and plenty of adults – love Halloween and so do many four-legged friends. Don’t forget to include your dog in all the Halloween fun.

Here are some Halloween treats your dog will love:

Halloween Treats Your Dogs Will Love

Fruits & Veggies

Sure, dogs might have a sweet tooth just like we do, but chocolate often has deadly consequences. Don’t risk your dog’s health for a few seconds of happiness with a piece of chocolate. Opt to give him healthy fruits and/or vegetables such as a baby carrot, cantaloupe, small pieces of banana, watermelon, apple, berries, or green beans. Be sure to wash the fruit or vegetable thoroughly before giving to your dog as the perfect Halloween treat.

*Always make sure your dog’s treats do not include caffeine, which can be fatal.

Rawhide Gift Card

Does your dog love to chew? Maybe he’s sunk his teeth into a greeting card or two that’s fallen on the floor. What better way to wish your dog a Happy Halloween and to give him a delicious treat that will last for hours than by buying him a colourful rawhide card that’s 100 percent made of rawhide and non-toxic ink? Keep your dog busy and happy while you celebrate Halloween.

A New Toy

Who says a Halloween treat has to be edible? You know your dog best. Maybe a new toy is the perfect Halloween treat to keep him happy and occupied while the ghosts and goblins are out on Halloween night. Whether your dog likes to toss and maneuver his toy to get to a special treat, to chase after a squeak toy , or to throw a ball up  in the air with his mouth, you can find the perfect Halloween toy – but be sure to shop early.

A New Collar and Lead

With the Halloween season, fall is officially in full swing, which also makes it the perfect time to treat your dog to a fashion upgrade. A new dog lead and matching collar could well be your dog’s favourite Halloween treat this year.

What are some Halloween treats your dog loves?




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