Love Your Pets Podcast Eps 17: Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

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Weekly Fun Fact

Did you know that cats who are black have a much harder time finding homes once they are in rescues? People are more drawn to cats with more interesting markings and black cats are not seen as being very photogenic.

And in a world on the cat selfie that causes a problem for some people.

In The Pawtime Press

Cat Takes a Shower

Cats are known for not liking water, so this cat loves to take a little shower in the sink! The video is hilarious. Check it out in this article. The cat genuinely seems to be fascinated by the water.


2 Dogs Poisoned on Limerick/Clare border.

A couple of weeks ago we read about this happening to dogs in the Limerick/Clare area and seems there have been 2 more incidents. The Irish Examiner explains in more detail.


Pawsome Pet Shoutout

We are featuring the Original Vampire Cat, complete with bow tie

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In The Spotlight: Halloween Safety Tips

This week we look at how you can keep your pets relaxed and safe at Halloween, to make it less stressful for both you and your pets.

#1. Keep sweets away from your pets.

We all know that chocolate is toxic to animals, but other types of treats can be too. At Halloween there are lots of extra treats about the house and dogs can be very clever when it comes to stealing treats from around the house.

Wrappers left lying around can also be dangerous to animals too. They can smell the treats of the wrappers and can be prone to trying to eat them. Make sure you keep them out of reach to avoid any possible choking.


#2. Keep decorations out of reach

It’s fun to decorate your house at Halloween and the amount of decorations in the stores has increased dramatically over the last few years.

There are hundreds of different things you can purchase, many of which have small parts to them, moving parts and electrical cables.

Your pets don’t realise how hazardous they can be and can easily injure themselves or choke on something.


#3. Beware of lit pumpkins

Something I love to do at Halloween is carve out a pumpkin and put a candle in it. I would recommend that whether you have pets or not you never leave a lit candle when you are out of the home.

However especially when you have pets it can be easy for them to knock these over. An excited dog can easily catch their tail on it and either spray candle wax all over your carpet or worse.

Keep them out of the path of your pets and remember to blow out the candle before you leave the home. Some people prefer to put them outside on the doorstep, which is much safer.

Halloween In Dublin

#4. Keep your pets relaxed

It can be extremely noisy this time of year with fireworks, parties and of course the trick or treaters. So your pets will probably be feeling anxious about what is happening.

They don’t understand what the additional noise is all about and it can make them very nervous.

You can combat this by keeping them in a separate room with soft music playing when you know that you are going to be bombarded by lots of trick or treaters. Alternatively, you can put the television on for them and have someone sit with them to keep them calm.

If you know that your pets really suffer from anxiety this time of year, then you can always talk to your vet about medication for them.


#5. Keep your pets indoors

All pets should be inside this time of year, especially on Halloween. It can be very scary for animals outside and they can become very stressed. Make sure any small caged animals are also brought into sheds or garages.

If you bring your pets inside, then keep them in another room if you are opening and closing the door all night. Alternatively, you can install a baby/pet gate at your front door so that they can’t get out.


#6. ID Tags and Microchipping

Make sure your pets have both. It’s now a legal requirement for your dog to be microchipped, but if you don’t have ID tags as well then consider investing in them.

If you pets do get out and someone finds them then they can quickly look up your details and call you, rather than having to wait for a vet to scan them.


#7. Dressing your dog (or cat) up

People have mixed opinions on whether you should dress your pets up or not. Some people argue that their pets love it and other counter argue saying the pet can’t speak.

If you decide to dress your pets up this Halloween though make sure they are comfortable and it is not adding to their stress. If you are taking them out to an event then make sure that it’s not going to be too crowded or noisy for them.

It’s best to ring ahead first and see what the event is going to be like before you go and if in doubt leave your dog at home and use a Pet Sitter.

Halloween is only a few weeks away, although the noise has already started with fireworks and festivities. So keep these handy tips in mind and if you know someone with pets them please share with them.

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If you have other tips to keep your pets safe at Halloween then add them into the comments for us.