Review Of Trax GPS Dog Tracker (Features, Pros, Cons and Costs)

GPS Dog Tracker

When you have a pet, there is always a worry that they are going to get out of the garden and you might not be able to find them. Fortunately, GPS tracking technology can give you the peace of mind knowing that if your dog slips their lead or jumps the garden fence you can immediately track them via their GPS tracking collar. To help dog owners we did a review of the Trax GPS Tracker, which is suitable for dogs and kids.

What Is The Trax?

Trax is a Swedish company who have created a GPS Tracker which can be used on pets and people. It’s reported to be the smallest and lightest GPS tracker on the market and their product is made available to people who want to track the most important things in their life.

For dog owners, it’s great peace of mind to know that if your dog gets out or slips the lead within seconds you can locate their GPS location on the app.

Take a Look At The Trax GPS Tracker

Setting up The Trax GPS Tracker

It’s really simple to set up the tracker and there are full instructions on their website for iPhone and Android user.

Step 1
Charge the trax unit

Step 2
Install the app on the phone. Search for Trax play in the app store and follow the instructions to install it.

Step 3
Open an account with Trax and add the trax device. You will need the tracker ID and Pin Code that comes in the box.

Instruction Links To Get Started



The desktop (web) app can be found at

Features of The Trax GPS Tracker


When you set up your tracker you can set geofences. This is a boundary line on the map so that if your dog goes outside of this you receive an alert from the app.

I set up a fence around our garden so that I would receive an alert if my dog left that area. As soon as I took the GPS tracker outside that fence I got an immediate alert on the phone.

GPS Dog Geofence

Real-time live tracking

You can have the app on your phone or log in to the system on your laptop and watch the movements of your dog. You can see where they are in the garden at any time.

It’s a really great feature if you have a large amount of land and can’t immediately see your dog when you go out into the garden.

Proximity fence

This would be brilliant if you were taking your dog to the park or beach and you wanted to let them off the lead. You can set up a fence that moves with you – so you could set up a fence around you so that you would be alerted if your dog wandered too far away from you.

There have been a lot of cases lately with dogs off the lead that ran off and have yet to be found.

Augmented Reality

You can also locate the tracker using the camera in your smartphone. Move the camera around until you see the marker on the screen which indicates the location of the tracker and the distance from you.

Speed Alerts

You can receive an alert of the tracker moves over a certain speed. This would be more useful if you wanted to monitor a teenager driving. I can’t see how you would use it with your dog – unless of course they were taken in a car and there was a sudden change in their movement.


If you want to see where your dog has been all day then you can look back over the history of the tracker. You can see their activity for the last 24 hours.

Track multiple devices

If you have 2 dogs then you can monitor them both from the same app. No need to log in and out of different profiles it can all be seen on the same screen.

Share With Friends and Family

You can allow another person access to the tracker, so if you and your partner want access to receive alerts that’s no problem.

The Trax GPS Tracker For Kids!

When you purchase a Trax it comes with a case for attaching it to your dog’s collar and one for attaching it to your child.

The clothing attachment could also be used to track:
• Elderly People
• Teenagers
• Workers
• Hikers

Basically, anyone who might get lost and GPS would help find them.

You could even use it to track your property.

Pros of the Trax GPS Tracker

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you can track your dog any time of the day or night gives a dog owner complete peace of mind. If you have ever experienced your dog getting out and you not knowing where they are then you will know that you would do anything to avoid that feeling of worry. The GPS tracker gives you that peace of mind.

It’s Fun!

It’s fun to see it working. I sent my husband off for the day with it and it was fun to ‘spy’ on him all day. The tracker was extremely accurate and had no problems working on the other side of the country. It’s not just something that works in your garden area – it would work anywhere you took it.

Access to the App

I like that you can monitor activity on the phone and on your PC. As someone who works mainly from the laptop all day it’s nice to be able to take a quick look at the app if I need to online. I also found it easier to set up my geofences online.

Cons of the Trax GPS Tracker

Charging The Unit.

You do need to remember to charge the unit. It’s lasts 3 days, which is good, but it’s another thing to remember to charge and put back on your dog. This is far outweighed, in my opinion, with the peace of mind of knowing where your dog is.

Data Plan

You do need to purchase a data plan for the unit to work. It’s actually reasonably priced, but this additional cost on top of the unit might put some people off.

How Much Does the Trax GPS Tracker Cost?

The Trax is 99 euro (correct at time of writing this article) and there is an additional charge for the data plan. You can purchase these for 6 – 24 months so the price varies.

For such a smart piece of technology I think it’s a reasonable price to pay.

Should you buy a Trax GPS Tracker?

Absolutely I would recommend the Trax for anyone who wants peace of mind that if their dog did ever get out or slipped the lead they would be able to locate them in seconds.

It’s easy to use and the functionality on it is good.

Have You Tried The Trax GPS Tracker? Let Us Know In The Comments Below.


Note: I received the Trax GPS Tracker mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.