Games Your Dog Walker Can Play With Your Dog

When you book our Dog Walking Services we don’t have to just walk your dog. Perhaps there are other things you would like us to do to make the visit more interactive, fun and stimulating for your dog.

As we don’t walk dogs in packs we have time to spend one on one with your Dog.

So what games can your Dog Walker Play with your Dog?

  • We can play ball with your dog. Most dogs LOVE playing ball and if you have a closed in garden we can throw the ball out back with them.
  • We can play tug of war with your dog. Maybe if it’s raining you don’t like your dog to go out. We don’t mind the rain – but if your dog does then we can play inside with them.

    It's Play Time!
  • Maybe you like them to have an interactive game where they have to search for treats. Supervised games like this can be great fun for your dog. Just leave the treats out and instructions for the game and we can have some fun.
  • Hide and seek can be a great game to play with your dog. Maybe hiding some treats for them to find. Perhaps you have commands you use for games like this – lets us know!

Most of all we are there to walk your dog, but we do understand that dogs have different needs and maybe your dog only wants a 20 minute walk  and the rest of the time they just want to play.

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