Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Pets

Next Sunday the world pauses to celebrate fathers – fathers of two-legged kids and fathers of four-legged, furry, feathery, and scaled kids. To whomever you are a father, Pet Sitters Ireland celebrates you and the huge impact you have on those for whom you care.

Make your day extra special with fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your pets, such as:

Fathers Day

Go for a hike.

Hikes aren’t just for dads with dogs. Dad to a cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird, or other little critter? Get yourself a pet stroller. Fill the storage space with water and goodies for both you and your pets. Whether leading your dog on a leash or pushing your pet in a stroller, you can enjoy an old fashion Father’s Day outdoors.

Schedule a photo shoot.

Choose a professional photographer or just make it a fun family affair with family members taking turns in the role of photographer. Carry your camera with you throughout the day as you celebrate this holiday designed to be all about you. Take photographs – fun, goofy, serious, and sentimental – with your pets to commemorate Father’s Day 2015.

Make a video.

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to make a fun and even professional looking video with your pet. Grab your mobile phone or video camera and get creative as you and your loved ones create a lifelong treasure.

Have a BBQ.

Kick off the first day of summer and celebrate Father’s Day with a BBQ with your family and your pets. Don’t forget to have plenty of goodies on hand for both humans and your beloved pets. (Remember, however, to ensure your pet doesn’t get hold of such dangerous foods as onions and chocolate.)

Kick back and relax.

Fathers often never get a break to just kick back and relax. Today’s your day. Take the time to relax and to do what you love – maybe watching a favourite movie or sitting on the patio reading a good book – with your beloved pet by your side.

Treasure your time with your pets on your special day. After all, their lives are often all too short for those of us who love them and wish they could be with us forever. Happy Father’s Day!

What is your favourite way to spend Father’s Day with your pets?



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