Fun Smartphone Apps You Can Share With Your Pet


Esther the Wonder Pig.

Ocean the Rabbit.

Obie the Dachshund.

What do Esther, Ocean, and Obie all have in common?

Each is a social media phenomenon, earning thousands of likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

And, each has a legion of fans from around the world, following their individual stories.

Is your pet the next superstar of the internet?

Following are several fun apps you can download on your smartphone and share with your beloved pets to help them become the next social media phenomenon.


Your pet’s a superstar, just waiting for that perfect moment to shine for all of the world to see. Most smartphones have a Facebook app that allows you to create your pet’s very own page. Share your pet’s best pictures, funniest moments, and first person stories. Facebook is a great place for both you and your pet to connect with other pet lovers, to help champion pet-related causes, and to enjoy your furry, feathered, or scaled family members.

My Talking Pet

Admit it. You sometimes talk in your pet’s voice. Lots of people do. Now you can show off your pet talking with the My Talking Pet app. The app allows you to choose a picture of your pet – or take one – and then outline his mouth. Hit record and talk into your smartphone. Adjust the tone of the voice as needed and you will create a video of your pet talking.


Your cat has style. Your cat has pizazz. And, if your cat had her own smartphone, she’d probably wile away the hours taking selfies. Snapcat allows those cats, who have really cool families who share their smartphones with their feline companions, to take their very own selfies. A laser dot will appear on the screen, after you install the app, and the camera will snap when your cat paws at the dot.

And to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy so he can enjoy his international fame, be sure to check out:

Jungle for Pets App

Protect your beloved pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets – from annoying and dangerous parasites with this free app developed by Bayer UK. You can learn about each of the many parasites found in nature, including common treatments. Make a profile for each of your pets. Add information about your pet’s flea prevention, for example, and set an alarm that reminds you when to give him his preventative medication.
Finding an app to share with your pet is easy and, in many cases, free. Simply go to the app store on your smartphone and put in “pet apps” in the search bar. Read through the reviews of other users then decide whether it is worth the time to download the app.

Have you find any fun pet apps that you can’t love without?

Tell us about them in the comments below.

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