How To Make Frozen ‘Pup’sicle Dog Treats For Your Dog

Frozen Dog Treats

When the weather is warm then Frozen Dog Treats are great for your dog. They incorporate one of their favourite snacks with something ice cold to keep them cool.

I did wonder when I made them whether the dogs would like them – especially Patch who can be a bit fussy. But they both LOVE them – and I have since made 2 more batches. Every time I open the freezer they are there waiting for them – so they must be a hit!

How to Make Frozen Dog Treats

1. Take a normal ice cube tray that you would use to make ice cubes for yourself. You might want to get one that you use just for the dogs – you don’t want to add beef dog cubes to your gin and tonic by mistake! I happened to have a love heart one that I hadn’t used.

2. Break up a treat and add a piece of it to each hole in the tray. There are loads of different things you could add –

such as:

  • Pieces of meat
  • Dog Cookie broken up
  • Peanut Butter
  • Meat juices
  • Cut up Dentastix

Choose something you know they like. For the first few you might want to leave a bit of the treat sticking outside the water, just so that they understand what’s in there.

When I made the first batch Coco just kept licking it on the floor and getting annoyed when it kept shooting across the room – but as soon as she saw Patch eating it she got the idea!

3. Place in the freezer until they are completely frozen – exactly like normal ice cubes. You probably need to have 2 trays to keep rotating them. In the heat it’s nice for them to have plenty of them to keep them cool.

4. Dispense as desired! As with many treats I wouldn’t leave you dog unsupervised to help themselves. Always take them out of the tray for them.

So what are you waiting for – get them in the freezer and make sure your dog has some ice cold snacks to enjoy on a sunny day. Tell us how you get on!



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