A franchise is a licence to use a proven business system and its brand identity, its operating procedures, marketing procedures, advertising procedures, training programmes and its support framework.

The Franchisee’s own personal flair, their unique entrepreneurial skill, energy and commitment are added to reap the full benefit of the Franchise

Studies show that 95% of Franchise businesses are successful – compared to 55% of non-franchise business set-ups.

Franchise market in Ireland shows incredible growth – averaging 12% per year. Now more than 240 franchisors with 2,400 franchisees, employing 20,000 people, generating €2 billion in sales last year.

Studies show that people are becoming more entrepreneurial, with as much as 40% of the population expressing a desire to work for themselves.

Franchising is also a fast-growing market in the UK.

There are 700 franchisors with 35,000 franchisees employing 333,000 people generating sales of €12 billion a year.

Franchising provides an opportunity to work for yourself, but not by yourself.

By owning and operating a franchise you are investing in a proven method of doing business, where all the problems associated with start-up business have already been ironed out.

Why Franchising is Successful?

•          Consumer loyalty to a specific brand

•          Consistently applied operating systems

•          Ongoing support systems aid efficiency, effectiveness and profitability

•          Experience of Franchisor already gained in  specific area

Benefits of becoming a Franchisee

•          You are your own boss and can pay yourself what you’re worth

•          Projectable future income

•          Increased time for personal growth

•          Personal satisfaction – you’re creating your own asset

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