Start Your Own Business

We are officially in 2017 and for some it is a time of reflection over the things that happened throughout the year, the things you want to happen this year and the things that you will need to change in order to make those things happen. Work is always something that people review as part of their New Year’s resolutions. So why Start Your Own Business in 2017? What could be the benefit for you?


It’s true that as a business owner you have more freedom to work the hours that you want. That shouldn’t be mistaken though for the freedom not to work very much! As a business owner you do need to put in the hours to make the business work for you. Of course as you get bigger you can hire people to help you with this which will give you more freedom, but initially be prepared for some work!

The difference is though when you are working for yourself you have freedom in sight – when you have a job you don’t. You will always be working set hours for someone else.


When you own your own business you definitely have more control over what you do, the decisions you make and how you make them. With a job you really are following someone else’s road map and you definitely aren’t the driver. With control though does come responsibility. You have to be prepared to make decision, stand by them (even if they don’t work out) and be prepared to make changes if you need to.

There is no room for being stubborn in business. You have to be prepared to say you messed up and move on if you need to.

Work Life Balance

This is a big benefit of owning your own business. You can decide the amount of time you spend at work and when. This means that if you have kids and you want to go to their school play you can do – you just might need to work late that night.

Of course your new business can take over your personal life and this is something that you need to be careful not to allow. Burnout in new businesses is very real.


When you own your own businesses you are creating a very real future for your family. You are building something that they can work in or even take over at some stage.

Having your own business should also allow you to spend more time with your family. Achieving a good work life balance is key.

These really are just some of the reasons that you might consider owning your own business. The right business can bring you a lot of joy and personal satisfaction as well 

Have you thought about owning your own business?