Right now maybe you’re of thinking of starting a pet sitting and dog walking business, or maybe you’ve already started, that’s great!  What is it that you are setting out to achieve?

Are you just by looking to make some extra cash?

  • You have a couple of hours in the day you need to fill?
  • You think this will be easy and fun?
  • Easy way to make money to buy extra things?
  • Cash only business?


You’re looking to change your life around by building a real self-sustaining business?

  • A business you can be proud of?
  • A business that gives you work and life balance?
  • A business that you control, and own?
  • A business that sets you up on a passage to the financial freedom?

Are you setting out to achieve what is outlined in question one, or are you setting out to achieve what is set out in question two?  Whichever you decide is going to be right for you!

I am going to talk to you about question two…  Changing your life around, building a real self-sustaining business, providing a pet sitting and dog walking service that is second to none.

But first…  I need to ask you another question, and I need you to answer it as honestly as you can.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being I’m interested in hearing what you have to say, and 10 being I am absolutely ready to take control of my business life and financial future, where do you fall on that scale? 

Owning A Franchise
Now!  Before you answer…  Think carefully.  In fact don’t answer now, I will ask you the same question later on but you should know now, I only work with eights, nines and tens…

Now you are probably wondering what qualifies me to talk to you about pet-sitting and dog-walking, and starting your own pet sitting business…  Well, when my wife Kate and I started our pet-sitting and dog-walking business in 2010 we didn’t have any customers, we didn’t have any pet sitters, all we had was an idea.
Today!  Our pet-sitting and dog-walking business delivers up to and over 1500 In-Home pet care visits each month, and we turnover between €16,500 and €20,000 each month…  And we are not stopping here!
Before I go one to tell you about the fantastic opportunity that is in front of you right now let’s talk a little about the pet sitting and dog walking industry.

The Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Industry
The industry of pet sitting and dog walking started out in the USA however over the last several years it has really started to boom in the UK and Ireland.  Now it isn’t like you see it on the television with one person strolling down the beach with ten dogs all playing happily, that’s not really how it works…  Not in my business anyway but that doesn’t mean to say that yours can’t be like that.  So let’s break it down.

Dog Walking Franchise
What is Pet Sitting
Pet sitting is where you are paid to look after a customer’s pet in their absence.  They may be on holiday, or gone away to an event like a wedding or christening, may be a birthday party or some other function.  There are multiple reasons why a pet owner may choose the services of a pet sitter.
Some pet sitting companies will look after the customers pet in the customers home, and other pet sitters might bring the customers pet to the pet sitters home, or even a combination of both.
My view is… A pet sitting service takes place in the client’s home.  The pet stays at home in their usual environment following their normal pet care routine. Removing the pet from their usual environment and bringing them to a new location such as the pet sitters home is much like boarding, in fact, it is often referred to as in home boarding.

What is Dog Walking
This is pretty self-explanatory…  As it sounds dog walking is and where you are paid to walk a customer’s dog or dogs.  This can be done on-lead or off-lead where permitted and takes place for a set period of time.  Some companies choose to deliver group dog walks, this is where a dog walker drives and collects several dog at the same time to walk them all together for a exercise and social interaction.  Other a company’s choose what is called a solo walk, this is where the clients dogs or dog is walked without the company of other clients dogs.

Down to Business
If I were to tell you that starting this month, today even… I want you to invest 7,000 Euro in an education… and 60 months from now your pet sitting and dog walking business, that you own and operate for yourself could be turning over €16,500 each and every month, what would you say?

You’d probably say
“I don’t believe it”, “I don’t think I could do it”, “it seems out of reach.”

Well!  Let me tell you…

  • We have already make that investment
  • We have already made the mistakes,
  • We now know what works,
  • We know what doesn’t work,
  • And what works really well.

I want to teach you to do what we have already done and If I can do it why can’t you?
Do you remember I asked you a question, On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being I’m interested in hearing what you have to say, and 10 being I am absolutely ready to take control of my business life and financial future, where do you fall on that scale?
And I said, I only work with eights, nines and tens… That’s true! If you’re not answering eight, nine or ten on that scale stop reading now….
You are wasting your time… you’re not going to put in the money, time, commitment or effort that it’s going to take to get you where you want to be.
Now! If you are answering eight, nine or ten and absolutely ready to take control of your business life and financial future … then congratulations you’re ready to take the next step.

What’s it going to take?
Before I tell you what it’s going to take, let me tell you what’s on offer…
Right now we have limited places.

Places are limited to geographical territory around Ireland.

Each territory is exclusive and can have only one operator.

A minimum five year term, option to continue.

Each location has an earning potential over €250,000 per year

Full start up package including

o   Uniforms

o   Business cards

o   Posters & flyers

o   Website

o   Customer online booking

o   Online payment gateway

o   Full training

o   Ongoing training and support

o   Vehicle graphics

o   Social & content media package

o   Administration support, call answering service

·         Start-up fee of 7,000 Euro including VAT

·         Access to finance available

What’s your excuse for not jumping at this opportunity this time?
·         Maybe you’re scared it won’t work for you?

·         You don’t have the capital investment?
And Yes… You didn’t read it wrong…

Finance is available for the right start up, there are a few forms to fill in and a business plan to create, which we can help you with that too. However being scared to start a business is normal but we plan to help you overcome your fears.

Kate and I have hands on experience building our business and we want to help you build yours, remember If I can do it why can’t you?

Imagine! 60 months from now owning your own successful pet-sitting and dog-walking business franchise.

Pet Sitting Franchise
What’s stopping you taking the next step?
We want to help you with the how to do it.
We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to run your business successfully.
We’ll even help you raise the capital investment to start your Pet Sitters Ireland Franchise.

What’s stopping you?

If you’re ready to start your own Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business working with Ireland largest and most recommended Pet Sitting Company then Now is Your Chance.

This is a limited offer, Once the franchise area has been taken it’s gone and you’ll be on your own.

This is your chance, What do you have to lose?

I believe within the next 5-7 years in-home pet care will be the norm for pet owners across Ireland. Why do I think this?


60% of pet owners rate Likely to use a pet sitting or dog walking service

10% of pet owners rate Highly Likely to use a pet sitting or dog walking service
Don’t waste your time and money trying to figure it out for yourself.

Follow a Proven Winning Formula
As I have already said Kate and I have already made the mistakes and have ironed out the creases.

  •  We know what works,
  • We know what doesn’t work,
  • And what works really well.

All you have to do is follow the system, a proven winning formula!
Are you ready to join me at Pet Sitters Ireland and together we’ll build your franchise to achieve maximum potential, working for yourself but not by yourself.

To Find Out More, And Speak With Mike, Call 087 7453847