You’ve always known you are destined to strike out on your own, to break free of the traditional nine to five job where you answer to and make money for someone else. You are meant to do something different. To take hold of your life and to determine your own future.

At the same time, that little nagging doubt grows louder and louder every time you prepare to take that step to make your dream of starting your own business a reality. Have no doubt about it. Starting a business is a risk.

However, becoming a franchisee minimizes your risk. Sure, you could still fail but your chances of success will likely be greater.

Here’s why you should become a franchisee:


The franchisor provides you with a business plan.

Ever hear that old adage: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail? Rings especially true for business. Writing a business plan can eat up considerable time and, if you don’t have the skill to do it yourself, you may have to pay someone to write the business plan for you. You don’t have to worry about that as a franchisee. Your franchisor provides you with a business plan that details how you will be expected to run the business.

You receive ongoing support.

Starting a new business – especially if you’ve never done so before – can sometimes feel like being lost in the ocean without a life preserver. As a franchisee, you don’t have to worry about sinking. Your franchisor will be your life preserver, providing ongoing administrative, marketing, and other support. It is in the franchisor’s best interest for you to succeed so you will have a built-in support system.

You’re dealing with an already-established brand.

Business success is never a guarantee. However, working with an already-established brand does give you an advantage if you are willing to put in the long hours and the hard work that is required to build a loyal customer base in your territory and to ensure your franchise succeeds.

You enjoy comradery with other franchisees.

Franchises typically assign franchisees to specific territories and you, as the franchisee, are only allowed to work in that territory. The good news is you will likely have access to other franchisees, with whom you can share anecdotes, ideas, and offer and receive support.

Why do you think you should become a franchisee?