dog walking franchise

When people are looking at a Pet Sitters Ireland franchise they are not only purchasing a franchise to provide pet care services when people travel away, but they are also purchasing a dog walking franchise.

This means a couple of things for a potential Pet Sitters Ireland franchisee:

  1. You can provide dog walking services for your clients when they are at work, which is a regular monthly income.
  2. You can balance out the highs and lows of peak travel times with your regular dog walking income.

Why A Dog Walking Franchise Is  A Good Investment.

People are becoming busier.

As more people work longer hours it’s harder for them to find the time they need to walk their dogs. People out at work all day need someone to come in and take their dog out for a toilet break and exercise them.

Not everyone works close to their home and has the flexibility to return to their house midday to attend to their dog.

More people commute to work.

With the cost of houses in major cities often being out of people’s budget, more and more people have no choice but to commute to work. This means their day is extended and their pets are left for longer.

A dog walker gives them to peace of mind knowing that their dog is getting a toilet break, fresh air and exercise every day.

A lot of people don’t live near family members.

People often move away from their family home, for work, relationships or cost of housing. This means that they don’t always have family members nearby to help them out with pet care.

They wouldn’t be able to ask their mum or dad to pop in during the day to let their dog out or take them for a walk.

For those that do have family nearby, it may be that they work or are elderly and not able to help them out.

More rescues are insisting that you organise a dog walker.

We hear more and more from potential pet owners that they have approached the rescue to get a new dog and they have asked them to organise a dog walker before they are allowed to adopt the dog.

Rescues realise that a bored dog home alone all day is not a happy dog.

The economy is improving.

According to Franchise Help

“The global pet business is worth an estimated $60 billion annually, so you can imagine that pet-related franchise businesses are buzzing. We have drastically altered how we think about our pets. They’re very much part of our families now and with that comes pampering and care, Christmas presents, birthday parties, outfits, shampoos and care goods, and general wellness products. Annual revenue growth in pet products and services is expected to climb by 4.4% through 2016”

This is great news for anyone in the pet industry and shows that the market is only set to increase.

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