Five Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe at Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips

Kids – both young and old – love Halloween for the tricks and the treats, for the chance to stretch their imagination by creating unique costumes, and for the spooky decorations.

Halloween provides the perfect segue into the holiday season but it’s not all fun and games for everyone – your pets may well be at risk during this perfectly spooky holiday.

Make sure your whole family, including your pets, have a happy and a safe Halloween this and every year.

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Here Are Five Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe At Halloween

#1. Get A Good Walk In Early In The Day

The streets are always busy late at night once people start their trick or treat activities. Often people will be in large groups and your dog might not be used to this volume of people.

If you can get their main walk done earlier in the day it means that later in the day you can just take them out in the garden for some exercise if they are particularly anxious with a lot of people around.

Make sure that you check their ID tags and of course all pets should be chipped. With a lot of people coming and going from the house pets can often get spooked and run when the door opens.

 #2. Keep Human Treats Out Of Reach Of Your Pets

We all know that pets get into everything and with all the extra Halloween treats around it’s easy for them to take their chance and help themselves.

You might not be able to resist those gorgeous eyes begging you for just a tiny bite of your chocolate bar. But, chocolate is extremely dangerous for your dog.

Keep the treats, chocolate and sugar-filled goodies, out of reach of your pets. We’d recommend keeping them in a secure cupboard, as dogs can jump onto counters if they are determined to get a treat!

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#3. Bring Your Pets Indoors.

Outdoors on Halloween can become hectic with kids and parents, adults, decorations, and a whole lot of action.

Unfortunately people do set of fireworks and bangers this time of year and it can be terrifying for a lot of pets. This isn’t just restricted to Halloween and can go on for weeks.

There are products you can get to calm pets and if you know your pets struggle this time of year your vet should be able to give them something.

The best way to keep your pets completely safe is to keep them indoors in a nice comfy space. Often leaving a radio on for them can help relax them.

#4. Consider Whether They Really Like That Halloween Costume

The ohhs and ahhhs tend to flow uncontrollably when a pet is dressed up. After all, who could resist a puppy dressed as a ladybug, a cat that looks like a flower, or a bunny in a bee costume?

Most people might not be able to, but does your pet really like being dressed up in what could be an uncomfortable costume? If costumes are new to them it’s advisable to introduce them slowly and see if they like the idea of clothing – some pets love it and others can become distressed.

If your pet really likes being dressed up, make sure you choose a costume that fits securely but doesn’t have any loose or hanging strings that could pose a choking risk. And always supervise your pet when they are dressed up.

 #5. Make Sure The House Is Safe

Halloween means the opportunity to go crazy decorating with pumpkins, goblins, and other spooky scenes. It also means ensuring you pet proof your decorations.

If you light your pumpkin with a candle, for example, keep the pumpkin out of your pet’s reach.

If you use decorations that plug in, keep the wires away from your pet or secure them with protective tubing to avoid accidental electrocution.

Also consider moving any decorations with small parts out of the reach of your pets. Both cats and dogs like to chew things and a chewed decoration could be a choke hazard.

We hope you have fun this Halloween and if you have any tips that you use to keep your pets safe then do let us know in the comments.

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