Five Reasons To Book Your Christmas Pet Sitter Now

Even though autumn has just begun, the holiday season is right around the corner. Christmastime often conjures a feeling of warmth, especially with the decorations, the celebrations with family and friends, and the glow of children’s faces when they first see Santa Claus.

But, Christmastime also proves stressful for many people with the rush for finding the perfect presents, for getting all of the season’s cooking and baking done in time, and for making time for all of the celebrations with family and friends.

You might even have plans for going away for the holidays or just need someone to watch your beloved pets while you are out during the season. If you need a pet sitter over the Christmas season, make sure you book now.

Here are five reasons you should book your Christmas pet sitter now:

Holidays are busy.

Everyone is busy during the holidays, especially pet sitters. A professional pet sitting company’s appointment book generally becomes filled very quickly during the holidays because pet parents want to know their fur kids will be cared for to the same high standards they expect.

Others book early.Christmas

Some pet parents plan between six months and a year in advance, making their pet sitting reservations early. Your professional pet sitting company may have limited spots the closer to the holiday season it gets so play it safe and book as early as you can to ensure your pets have a place on the appointment calendar.


Some pet sitters only work with current clients during the holiday season.

Some pet sitters, especially those who work alone, are so inundated with pet sitting during the holiday season that they do not accept new clients until after holidays have passed. If you have never hired a pet sitter before, start thinking and planning early so you don’t lose out.

Don’t forget the initial appointment.

If you’ve never used a pet sitter before, you can’t just call up and book visits times. You must first meet with the prospective pet sitter so she can get to know you and your pet and learn how you want your pet cared for while you are gone. After your free Meet and Greet with Pet Sitters Ireland, for example, you can set up a schedule for the pet sitter to visit.

Save yourself stress.

You already have enough holiday stress. By booking your pet sitter early, you have one less thing to worry about. You know your beloved pets will be happy and safe with their pet sitter when Christmas rolls around so you can focus on the rest of your “to do” list.

Have you ever booked a pet sitter for Christmas?




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