Five Characteristics of a Professional Dog Walker

Dog Walker

Think about the last time you needed repairs done in your home. Perhaps you had a leak in your roof that needed repaired. You have seen ads in the local newspaper for a professional repair company in your neighbourhood. But, then you met someone who knew “the best repairman ever.” You asked probing questions and discovered he just makes repairs for fun.

Would you hire the professional company or the one who does it just for fun?

Now, ask yourself the same about a dog walker.

Would you trust your beloved dog with a dog walker who just walks dogs for fun or would you rather have a professional dog walker?

Let’s look at five characteristics of a professional dog walker.

#1. It’s a business.

A professional dog walker is running a business. If she wants to stay in business, she will meet the needs of her clients and will provide a professional service or else she will quickly find herself out of business. A professional dog walker usually has a web site, listing services and some information about those who work for the company, and can provide references from former clients.

#2. A professional is insured.

Insurance is essential to ensuring both the professional dog walker’s and your protection. If your dog is injured while in a dog walker’s care, the insurance will ensure that you will not be out of pocket for thousands of pounds of veterinary expenses.

#3. A professional dog walker can provide references.

When you consider hiring a professional dog walker, ask for references from current and even former clients. Contact each of the references and ask them what they thought of the dog walker, why they left (if they are former clients), and whether they would recommend the dog walker.

#4. A professional always has a backup plan.

The unexpected happens. People wake up sick. Loved ones pass away. Cars break down. A professional dog walker can provide you with details of what will take place in case of an emergency. Most will have a backup dog walker to ensure that your dog doesn’t miss his walk.

#5. A professional dog walker keeps in touch.

When you hire a professional dog walker, you shouldn’t have to worry whether the appointment has gone as planned. Some pet sitting companies, like Pet Sitters Ireland, inform their dog walking clients that the dog walk has taken place and your dog and your home are doing well, providing you with the peace of mind as you go through your day.

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