Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2019 – 32 County Finalists


Congratulations to the 2019 Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 32 County Finalists

What Happens Next?

If you are a finalist then you need to submit your address so we can send out your County Finalist sash. Please submit them here – making sure to include your pets name.

You will then need to take another photo of your pet wearing the sash. We will also ask you to submit a written entry to tell us why you think your County Nose should be crowned the Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee Winner of 2019.

And finally we will be adding you to the Nose of Tralee Finalists Facebook Group to meet all the previous Noses. This link will be sent to you when you contact us with your address.

Public Vote will run from the  6th August – 27th August – A public vote will decide which of the 32 Finalists is Crowned the 2019 Nose of Tralee.

The 2019 Nose Of Tralee Winner will be announced on the 27th August 2019.


The County Winners are……..drum roll….


Antrim – Kuna

Kuna is 12 weeks old now and is settling into our family really well. She loves posing in the sun, chasing leaves in the garden and meeting new humans and dogs alike when out for walks. She always cries if people don’t come over to say hello when out for walkies. She loves cuddles up on the sofa or napping on someone’s knee, as long as she’s the centre of attention. Kuna is the best choice for nose of tralee because she’s great at sniffing things out like her ancestors the badger hounds. She’s super smart and has already learned sit, stay, lie down, give a paw and will always come running when called, and she’s learned all that in less than 2 weeks! 10/10 best pup and best choice, and will always be our nose of tralee.



Armagh – Roy the Boy

In late 2018, Roy the Boy journeyed from a small farm in Co. Derry to the vast sprawling metropolis that is Newry City. A real country boyo, who had definitely seen far more sheep than people in his 3 years of life; with the usual incomprehensible energy of a Border Collie. He took to his new human Daria in no time at all, who having had 2 collies at home, was well aware to expect madness. A lovable rouge. The adoption however, was not without its challenges. Everything was new¦ Stairs, kennels, beds, walking on a lead, being indoors, and most baffling – sharing a home with a mini-lion. Endless items were chewed or eaten: shoes, boots, beds, leads, socks, toilet rolls, the list goes on¦But with his lovable face and character, having patience is easier! It took time for Roy to step out of his new human shadow and make new friends. A very shy boy at first, we saw his confidence grow and grow day after day. He is super friendly with other dogs, and LOVES to run, jump and cuddle with them. He was overwhelmed at first by new faces and experiences (I did say Newry was a metropolis), but he will now make friends with new people much more quickly â and quicker again if treats are involved. Despite his shyness with humans, Roy has always been determined to make friends with Aslan, our cat and self-appointed King of the house. Continued attempts to befriend his feline brother have not been successful, Aslan still reminisces about his 7 weeks as an only-pet prior to Roys arrival. Roy still hopes that a friendship will blossom, Aslans attitude is more along the lines of resigned tolerence. Roy sometimes ends up with a tap on the nose (claws retracted) when heâs being too much of a nuisence, however Roy remains fascinated by this magestic creature. Roy the boy would do Armagh proud in The Nose of Tralee! He uses his lovely snout a lot: to sniff out treats, to sniff your hair, loving nose bumps and most importantly to jam under your arm to receive continued petting.



Carlow – ROMI

I was in the pound for some time, nobody wanted me because putting aside my obvious good looks/brains I was born with deformed joints. I am only 4 but I am on long term pain meds. I manage well so mostly it does not bother me. But hey i keep smiling. A Dogs Life loved my big personality and got me a foster home with Mary. Her dog Annie loved having me as a friend so they adopted me and Im living happily ever after¸ Im having a dogs’s life living the dream in Carlow.



Cavan – Sparkis

Sparky is mr fluff — his cute nose just asking for kisses



Clare – Frankie

My Frankie is a cat that comes around once in a lifetime! He is the most caring and gentle cat you could come across and I think the story of how he came to be my cat will catch your attention. My uncles cat was pregnant and went over to his neighbours garage to have her kittens. She had 2 kittens in the attic of the garage. They managed to retrieve one kitten, but the other had fallen down a gap in the roof and into a cavity in the wall. My uncle, named Frank, had to cut a hole in the side of the wall to rescue the kitten whom I named Frankie after his rescuer. Frankie continues to amaze me to this day. He is amazing with kids, is able to sit and give the paw on command, showing that its not just dogs that can do tricks! If you say head rub while he is in your hands or on your lap, he will promptly rub his head against yours and will do the same if you make kissing noises, portraying how affectionate he really is. He also sleeps with me and is very committed to waking me up in the mornings (even if its just because hes hungry!) In simple terms, I believe he stands out from your stereotypical Irish cat- he proves that cats arent just needed on the farm to kill vermin and are not really a part of the family as such. His affection and the way he makes our family smile on a daily basis proves that cats can be just as much a mans best friend as dogs, and make just as delightful pets to have. Also, as you can see from the pictures, he has quite the style and will allow us to dress him up in even the most ridiculous of outfits! Without a shadow of a doubt, I would be lost without him!




Cork – Ralph

Although hes only 4 months, Ralph sure knows how to make himself known! He has acquired the nickname Wreck It Ralph because he makes sure to do everything in his power to get all the attention available! He has such a big personality for such a young pup and absolutely loves being a model for photo shoots. I feel like he would make an amazing Nose of Tralee because he has the best personality, knows exactly how to cheer you up and never fails to put a smile on your face. He is an amazing dog and deserves to be shown to the world!



Derry – Gatsby

Hes cute and he nose it. Hes cheeky and he nose it. He can play for days, soaks up the rays, wont eat carrots unless you froze it. Gatsby the great, hes everyones mate, so dont deliberate cause this competitions his fateGatsby wrote that poem with (a little) help from his parents. Great by name and great by nature, we think he would make a fab ambassador for the Nose of Tralee.



Donegal – Murphy Mc Closkey

I think Murphy would make a great nose of Tralee because hes the best boy, very friendly and loves meeting people and other dogs with kissies and a big waggly tail. Ever since he came home from Cavan in an aldi beer box when he was a very small boy his cousin Frankie next door has been a little jealous and Murphy told us that in the middle of the night his cousin comes down and rips up his towels and pillows tut tut. So Murphy would love to win this prize so he can buy himself a new bed and hopefully his cousin wont sneak in in the middle of the night and destroy it.. because Murphy definitely wouldnt be at that kind of craic



Down – Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue is a 5 month old Rottweiler puppy she is on a mission to change everyone’s misconceptions about the breed and show how sweet, loving and friendly they are. She can often be seen sporting her bright green coat with ‘friendly’ printed on it letting others know it’s ok to approach her and make friends. When she’s not letting everyone know what a wonderful sweet breed rotties are she’s a normal 5 month old puppy chewing things she shouldn’t, stealing socks and shoes and working on her puppy training. Bonnie has learnt that training means treats, so trains the humans to give her more treats. Being told to drop whatever she has stolen gets rewarded but picking it back up means you get told to drop it again and get another treat reward. Not only are rotties loyal, loving friendly dogs they’re also highly intelligent :). She’s a fun loving little girl who is a perfect representation of the rottweiler temperament.



Dublin – Teddy

This photo was taken on killiney hill which is not only one of the most beautiful walks in Ireland, but also Teddy’s favourite spot. Teddy is soft, cute and cuddly and charms his way into everyone’s heart. Teddy is 9 months old and has been a mischievous but lovable addition to the family. When Teddy goes for a walk, nobody ever passes him without saying hello.



Fermanagh – Bramble

He is my best friend & I have met so many lovely dogs & owners since . Of course he is spoilt but those gorgeous eyes soft temperament etc what’s not to love .After loosing my husband people kept saying get a dog Kate …. I love walking but a dog?? My son had left for uni on a Sunday evening and I picked up the laptop to see gumtree?? So as I floated down the categories I came to animals pressed dog & his face came up love @ first sight ! I drove 100 miles that night and came home with a 4 moth old pup. A good friend was coming to paint the kitchen the next day so I told him I had a man in the house so he not to disturbed! as he had stayed the night!!! curiosity got the better of him



Galway – Alfie (moon)

On the 22nd of Feb 2018 my life completely changed for the better. A lively, affectionate and funny little white dog called Alfie came into my life like a mini tornado and quite honestly it has never been the same since. Alfie came to my home via GalwaySPCA who cared for Alfie after he was found alone at the end of December 2017 wearing an electric fence collar that was too tight and causing red sores to appear on his neck. His coat was badly matted and he had infections in both ears but after a visit to the vet and a groom the real Alfie emerged. Alfie loves nothing more than to play and he doesn’t really mind who he plays with as long as there is a ball involved, preferably sliotar. Alfie is a friend to everyone he meets and never says no to a cuddle or a bit of fuss. When he isn’t playing he loves to walk so we spend quite a lot of time in our local forest park taking in the scenery and it is also an opportunity for Alfie to bark at the squirrels. Another of  Alfie’s favorite things to do is eat. He has begging down to a fine art and is an expert at catching any stray bits that may fall off a plate. In fact he could be a magician with the way he makes hings disappear including himself given half the chance.. Apart from me Alfie’s second favourite human is a lady called Louise. Louise comes to the house to teach Alfie and me a few tricks on how to keep an active mind occupied and we both benefit from the visits. He also loves spending time with his granny because hes king of the castle and the only one to get away with stealing his grandads seat. After a busy day playing Alfie can be found curled up and snoring at the end of my bed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why should Alfie be the next nose of tralee? The reasons are endless but if you are looking for a happy, handsome, funny, uncomplicated little dog then Alfie fits the bill



Kerry – Butterball

Butterball is not just a pretty Shih Tzu , she is the baby of our family. To add to that , her petty little nose is always twitching. She travels to Tralee every day in the car and one of her favourite stops is McDonalds. As the song goes, she is lovely and fair like the roses in summer and with her beauty alone she should be THE NOSE OF TRALEE 2019



Kildare – Mia

Mia is our 4 y/o cavachon. She is sweet, lively and very loyal. She does agility and knows many tricks – she can even skateboard! She will always try her best for you. She has a huge wardrobe consisting of many bandannas, bows, leads and collars! She has her own Instagram and TikTok pages where she is loved by many. Whenever we are away from her we miss her so much. The welcome she gives you when your back is so loving. She is a big food lover and we eat almost everything apart from fruit or vegetables!! She is constantly exploring and her favourite place to be is the woods.



Kilkenny – Alfie

Well firstly, he never stops using his nose and sticking it in things‚ He is a loving, friendly, goofy and happy boy. He adores everyone and everything he meets. His favourite things to do are bring me for a walk, eat everything, play with his favourite humans (Sofia, Phoebe, Poppy, Alex and Rhys), getting belly rubs, washing his cat brother called Tatters and zoom around the garden. We all love him to bits and think you guys would too if he gets to meet you xxx



Laois – Toby

Because his four short legs are so adorably cute. Hes a 15 weeks old pembroke welsh corgi. His name is Toby. He loves playing + running. Hes absolutely gorgeous boy. And getting our attention alot. Hes very smart + clever. Hes a great dog. He cant jump up on sofa or our bed cos of his little short legs. We has to pick him up. He loves fish, chicken and blueberries. Everytime time he play with his toys on the sofa, he used his nose to push his toys off onto the floor off the sofa and then bark at it, hes expecting us to pick it up for him cos he wont be able to get back up on sofa by himself if he jump off for his toys. He knows give a paw, sit, run for a ball + bring it back to us since he was 10 weeks old. He is also very people person, loves running up to them to say hello especially kids too. He loves to look good to visit his mommies families and friends house, he wear his colour bow around his neck like in this picture. He had 5 different ones. He totally melt our heart every day. Hes the best thing in our life.  we would be totally lost without him we wouldn’t swap him with any other dogs or a million euro.



Leitrim – Murphy

Murphy is a beautiful soul hes constantly happy and makes everyone around him smile. The world needs more Murphys



Limerick – Polo

Polo is an 8 year old boxer. She is the sweetest dog I have ever had, loves cuddles, breaking up fights between her younger siblings and being a furry shoulder to cry on. Polo recently had her spleen removed due to a tumour the size of an orange, almost losing her made me realise the world would not be the same without her kind soul. Polo fought like the boxer she is and is now back to her wiggling bum self. I think Polo deserves the Nose of Tralee because she’s a fighter and loves everything and everyone she meets, being a great representative to boxers and all breeds in Ireland!



Longford – Misty

Hi Im Misty the Bichon Frise. I enjoy cuddles, long romantic walks with my humans & most of all, eating whatever post the postman brings while my humans are at work. Sometimes I like to shred post all over the house just In case theyd miss it when they come home. I am 7 months old & getting bigger and more good looking everyday. My favorite food is turkey & rice although Im pretty sure itd be pizza if I was allowed it. I love posing for pictures & have quite the portfolio collected if youd like to see some more of my shots. I know Im still young but I swear all the boys in the neighborhood love me! Thanks for the opportunity,this should be a step in the right direction for my modeling career. Misty xo



Louth – Mitzy

Mitzy may look like your traditional Firey red head but she is more like a Fuzzball of Happiness that loves getting attention. Mitzy is a three year old toy poodle who is extremely clever and loves to show off her Tricks. Mitzy has all the typical poodle traits being extremely loyal to her family yet quite shy around strangers. This little Girl is a typical girly girl who loves getting her hair done, she loves being able to show of her new style by accessorizing with her range of her favorite hair bows! When she goes on long walks, she loves the attention she receives, she knows she is a cutie!



Mayo – Harley

Harley is a drama queen who loves to be in the spotlight at all times. He rules the roost and puts a smile on our faces everyday. We suspect he thinks hes actually a human whos king of the family and ruler of the house. His favorite seat is whichever one youre sitting in hes always on the hunt for random socks left lying around the house. Not only is dog food not good enough for Harley but he insist that chicken pieces be put in his bowl or he goes on hunger strike. He loves lazily sleeping in the sun and going for walks, but not for too long or else he grabs his lead and walks himself home. True to his Caviler King Charles roots he believes he should sleep in every bed in the house which he regards as his own personal throne, all heâs missing is the crown. Its only fitting that Harley would be the nose of Tralee.



Meath – Poppy

I am nominating my dog, Poppy Dixon, for the Nose of Tralee as she has been bringing joy to our family for years and it would be lovely for the rest of Ireland to get a slice of Poppy in their lives. Pop is a fun loving pup who spends most of her days playing (sometimes too Ruffly) with her bother Bailey and having snoozes on people- although she’s nobody’s lap dog. Poppy is fierce when needs be and has a bark thats a better deterrent than eircom phonewatch, but usually she shows puppy eyes more than her teeth. But her all time favourite activity- even more than play squeaky- is giving kisses like its going out of fashion and she would probably happily devote all her time to jumping on anyone who wants her love and rewarding them with her own sloppy brand of affection. Poppochino has velvety ears that love to be stroked and when her fluff grows out she’s the softest dog in the park. She’s not perfect- she takes her brother’s food at times, sleeps on the bed and has chewed up more socks than you’ve worn in a lifetime- but she’s everything a dog should be and more: loving, happy-go-licky and a best friend to all!



Monaghan – Murray

Murray was a rescue kitten found in a tub of oil! After a couple of good baths the veterinary nurse (a friend of mine) contacted me and i fell in love with this mischief maker. He has been named after the my friend! He is stuck into everything and loves teasing the best pals Beau & Deeta (dogs) On wet days he loves nothing better than snuggling into his bed watching the world go by.



Offaly – Rocket

Rocket was rescued as a kitten with his brother in 2017 when he was just a few weeks old …. even then he was always the energetic and playful brother with a wacky personality, hence the name Rocket. He loves posing for photos and being the centre of attention, and will always make himself known when he enters the room. I believe he would make the best Nose of Tralee 2019 as he just wants to do it for all the cats out there and get his paws well on the way to fullfilling his dream of becoming a Rock-star!



Roscommon – Sadhbh

One of Ireland endangered Native Irish Breeds, The Irish Water Spaniel, loyal , funny , amazing with kids, Fantatic family dog and amazing working retriever. Known as the ” Clown ” of the Spaniel family , the IWS is the largest . Beautiful ringlet type coat which works as a boyouncy aid when swimming. This breed is as happy on the couch as it is swimming in lakes and rivers. With only about 400 remaining in Ireland , it would be amazing to see the breed getting some exposure .



Sligo – George (aka Wonky Ear)

George would love to be crowned 2019’s Nose of Tralee, to divert attention away from his wonky ear. Not that he has a complex about this unique and adorable feature… he is very comfortable in his own fur and poses for photos knowing he’s quite the handsome devil. While George may look like he’s only half listening, this one year old is a very good boy, (yes you are, yes you are!!) and performs all kinds of tricks for the right treats. He’s been rolling over and playing dead since 8 weeks old, greatly impressing his humans, who are not themselves gifted in the slightest. George’s special talent is agility. Since he learned to go through the tunnel instead of dragging it around the back yard, he’s now quite the little star. George’s hobbies include doing jack-rabbit impressions in long grass, fetching sticks ten times his size and playing catch and lick with his twin sister Mildred. George thanks you for your vote and will be eagerly keeping an ear out for the results.



Tipperary – Mia

My beautiful husky Mia is one of our 5 dogs. We would love to see win this because she has brought so much joy and happiness to us. No matter how hard our day has been shes alway there with those beautiful eyes looking up at you. She sits by your side when your happy, sad, angry to her all she wants to do is be with no matter what mood your in. Shes the boss in our house and makes sure all the other dogs are behaving. She has got me through the lowest points in my life and she is undoubtedly my best friend in the whole world



Tyrone – Buddy

Buddy is my four year old Pomeranian that since coming into my world has only improved it, I struggled with an abusive relationship and bad depression, Buddy was the only reason I actually got put because he needed to be walked! He was there for me when I pushed everyone else away and even with all that put aside, just look at how handsome he is! Hes so beautiful! I honestly hope that you see how much love I have for my Buddy, we have been through so much together and I only think its right he gets the recognition he deserves.



Waterford – Blaze

My Show type Springer Spaniel Blaze (wenark chasing a dream – kennel name), would make a great contestant because he’s full of fun and loves attention. He especially loves rolling in mud, puddles, dead birds at the beach and barking at the sky for no reason. Blaze is a show dog, he competes at agricultural shows in the summer and is my first show dog. He is 2 years old and hes a tri colour like the irish flag. He’s an extremely affectionate dog and takes everything in his stride. He loves to give the paw and hugs to everyone he meets. He is hyper and crazy but he is definitely the best dog I ever had and I would love if you would consider him as a Nose of Tralee contestant. Thank you for viewing our application.



Westmeath – Sniffles

Hi my name is Sniffles. I would be the best Nose of Tralee because I nose all abouts tennis balls and they are all doggies favourite things, especially me! Playing in the park with my people is my favourite thing to do, and I always find the ball, no matter where it ends up (my people are not very good at throwing it right and sometimes it goes into the bushes or water, but I always finds it again! ) if I wins this prize I could spend all the prize money on new balls and toys and could get lots of photos of me playing with them too! That would be lots of fun.



Wexford – Monty

He was lovely and fair as the ˜Nose of the Summer. But twas not his beauty alone that won me. Oh no was the truth in his eyes never dawning, that made me love Monty the Nose of Tralee.



Wicklow – Poco

Pocos small but incredible! Hes an adventurous, social and loving little lad with a bubbly personality! Every person he sees he needs to greet and loves going everywhere! From the mountains to the beach to the city. He knows many tricks like sit, stand up, high 5 and 10!!! He never fails to bring a smile to anyone face and hes a great dog, like every other!


Congratulations to everyone and we look forward to getting to know you and your pets over the coming weeks.