Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2023 (Finalists)

A big Congratulations to those who have made it through to the final 32 of the 2023 Nose of Tralee.

Listed below is a representative for each of the counties in Ireland – who will now go on to compete for the title of Nose of Tralee 2023.

What To Do If You Have Made The Final 32 Noses

  1. Email with your name, address and the name of your pet.
  2. We will be posting out your finalists sash and some goodies for your pet over the next few days and we will also be inviting you to join our Noses Facebook Group where you can meet all the previous years Noses.
  3. Once you receive the sash you need to take another photo and re enter your pet in the finals. We will provide the link via email to do this. There will also be lots more information in the Facebook Group about this process.

When Will The Winner Of the Nose Of Tralee 2023 Announced?

  • Voting starts again on the 3rd August.
  • The winner will be announced on the 22nd August after a public vote.

Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2023 (32 Finalists)



Meet Freddie the Floof! He is hands down the best dog in Ireland (or at least County Antrim!), and he deserves to win not only the Nose of Tralee but also the Teeth of Tralee. Let me tell you why! Freddie is an absolute gem when it comes to being friendly and loving people. Seriously, you won’t find a more social and charming dog anywhere. He’s got this incredible ability to make everyone feel special with his adorable puppy eyes and cheesy grin. He’s like a walking ray of sunshine! But here’s the real reason Freddie is so special: Freddie is an absolute superhero for my dad, who’s battling dementia. Whenever Dad needs someone to watch over him and keep him safe, guess who’s there? Freddie! He is always lying at my dad’s feet, acting like the world’s most loyal bodyguard. He’s got the whole protection thing down to an art! When Freddie isn’t busy being a guardian angel, he’s all about playtime. His favorite game is chasing after his ball. Now, I’ll be honest, he’s not the greatest at bringing it back, but he puts his heart and soul into every chase. It’s impossible not to be caught by his playful spirit and laugh along with his hilarious antics. Oh, and let’s not forget about Freddie’s million-dollar smile. This dog’s got teeth that deserve their own award! Whenever he’s happy (which is basically all the time), he grins from ear to ear, showing off his pearly whites like he’s in a toothpaste ad. So, my fellow dog-loving judges, I urge you to consider Freddie the Floof as the top contender for the Nose of Tralee (and Teeth of Tralee if you fancy adding a bonus category). He’s got it all friendliness, loyalty, playfulness, and a smile that could brighten the darkest room. Freddie is my first dog and his presence in my life has brought immeasurable joy and comfort, and he deserves all the recognition he can get!



Jethro has the absolute best nose for boops! He is a Great Dane, almost two years old and is deaf. He relys on that nose, his sister Elphaba and his human family a lot! Jethro is the most adorable soul. Full of love for everyone and everything. He is sweet, gentle and will lick you to death! He doesn’t let his disability hold him back. At home he is the head gardener, head chef, head mechanic, head housekeeper… The list goes on! He just loves to be involved in everything that’s going on – lending a ‘helping hand’! Jethro is the biggest softie. A total lapdog…he loves nothing more than reversing himself onto your knee to get nursed! He deserves to win the Nose of Tralee because, well, how could you not love him?!

Pet Sitter



Tilly is almost 10 and completely blind. You would never know though as she is fiercely independent and enjoys sunning herself in the garden and loving on everyone whether they want love or not. She loves to spoon at night time and enjoys her dreamy treats. She can stand her ground and let’s our other cat know who is boss. She can still chase a noisy bird or two and smells her way to her food bowl.



Named after the North Star, Polaris is a 6 month old rescue border collie. She is pure white which is rare and she is deaf from birth. She is being trained to respond to hand signals rather than verbal commands. Being deaf does not hold her back, she is just like any other puppy, curious and wants to be involved in everything. Polaris loves her toys, food and being the centre of attention. Polaris would make a great Nose of Tralee and would use this opportunity to highlight that dogs with disabilities who are often overlooked make great pets.



Just look at that Nose, I got pixie from the Clare pound 11 year’s ago, I love her to bits , I’ve never entered her before in anything, she’s the sweetest and most loving dog you could ever want



Hi. My name is Willow and I am a 4 year old Chocolate Labrador. I would love to be the Nose of Tralee because I love to make people happy and spread joy to everyone I meet, from my family to new friends that I meet while out exploring with my little sidekick Spencer the westie. I would love represent Cork in the Nose of Tralee because we love exploring Cork and showing our friends on Instagram places to visit, but we also love venturing outside Cork too, after-all Ireland is a beautiful country. My family are very important to me, including one of my favourite family members, Ian who has intellectual disabilities which I just see as extra great abilities because he is the bestest friend I could ever have asked for. When we’re not cuddling on the couch, he is playing fetch with me in the garden or bringing me for really fun walks….and also sneaking me treats when others aren’t looking but ssshh don’t tell anyone! Dogs are such an important part to any family and I would love to show people out there that don’t have dogs, how great it is and how much of a difference we can bring to peoples lives. I would be very proud and honoured to be considered for representing Cork and possibly becoming the Nose of Tralee



Logan is just 6 months old and would make a great Nose of Tralee. He loves going on adventure walks. Although perhaps not a “walk” as he stops every 2 seconds for a good sniff and also to greet every person/animal in sight! Logan is such a friendly affectionate pup and as you can see he has been enjoying smiling for photos more recently to show off his new pearly whites!



Bono is a wonderful wee Staffy boy who loves meeting new people! His favourite thing to do is run on the beach and snuggle on the couch. Having 3 legs doesnt hold him back! He comes to work with me at the pub and loves greeting everyone when they come in. Having had a rough start in life, losing his leg in a car accident and unfortunately then losing his owner, Bono is the epitome of a happy ending and how every dog deserves a chance!



Mina is a feisty little tortoiseshell cat. She was the runt of the litter but has grown up fierce. She will keep you warm in the winter with bedtime snuggles and keep you entertained in the summer as you weed the garden. She’s a keen gardener and can be found asleep on the job in a warm plant pot. She will keep the mice out of the house, catch the flies and alert you to spiders. She’s the best cat in the country. Other less-vampirish photos are available. I just wanted to share her beautiful fangs!

Pet Sitter



Clumsy but cute, Johnny (full name: Lord John William Grey) was born in Argentina before crossing the Atlantic to make a new home in Ireland. Since arriving, Johnny has become the nosiest boy in Harolds Cross, winning the heart of every neighbour and passerby who spots the little ginger cat in the window. He has even adopted an Irish dad who he loves to play football with (being Argentinian, Johnny has a better first touch than his father). Hes a real attention-seeker as well not best pleased when Mum and Dad are working instead of paying attention to Johnny. More than just a pretty face, Johnny has got an impressive CV to match his looks. He speaks three languages (Spanish, English, Turkish) and even participated in a pet-training seminar, teaching the other cats and dogs how to give the best high five. When hes not busy greeting the neighbours or playing fetch with his parents, youll find Johnny falling asleep in Mums arms with his tongue sticking out.



Hello I’m Flo and I’m back for another go to try and be this years Nose of Tralee. Last year I was just a pup, now I’m all grown up. I’m half Springer, half Cocker, so I’m an adorable Sprocker. I’m very good and love to please, training me is such a breeze. I love the water, especially the sea, the beach is my favourite place to be. My nose is incredible, I can find anything you hide, especially if its edible! I’m so focused when I’m finding things, you can’t distract me with anything. I love to have a job to do, find it, fetch it, I’ll always help you. I love lots of cuddles and fuss, a snooze on a lap for me is a big plus. My zest and love of life is a joy to see for everyone who is lucky enough to meet me. I’ve got the best nose and I’m pretty as a rose, so please vote for me to be this years Nose of Tralee!



Ozzy is a very brave boy. He is a rescue kitten I fostered, now adopted. He has an incurable liver disease. Unfortunately cats with this diagnosis rarely live past a year old. Ozzy is now 9months old and full of life. He is on a strict diet and can’t be neutered due to his illness, so I accompany him on his outdoor explorations. He never fusses when he has to take his medication twice a day every day. He’s a very loveable boy and gives a high five for a treat. He is full of energy and loves to play. If Ozzy wins he will donate his prize to Galway Cat Rescue as they paid his vet bills when he was a kitten.



He has totally changed my life since he came into mine 3 years ago. He makes me laugh, gets me out and about and he loves his belly rubs. He is spoilt and I wouldn’t have it any other way x


Pet Sitter



Kevin is a two year old Labrador retriever. He is the sweetest boy and will kill you with kisses, he loves to play and have lots of cuddles but what makes him extra special is he recently donated his blood to help a very sick doggy and was so brave we are very proud of him!



Bear is a 7 month old Goldendoodle who is fully of mischief and love. He loves cuddles and adores his older brother Loki who was the KK nose a couple of years ago. Bears favourite places to go are the Kilkenny Castle park, Tramore beach and nanny and grandads house. Bears hobbies include chasing a ball, wrestling with his brother and bringing lots of sticks into the house as presents for his mammy and daddy.



Hello! My name is Phoebe. I am 6 years old and a puggle/terrior cross. I have a lot of beagle traits, mainly being exceptionally adorable, funny, mischievous, friendly, intelligent and most of all greedy!!  My humans adore me and I am one spoilt pup living in the lap of luxury in County Laois!  Some of my favourite pastimes include keeping watch over the neighbourhood, snatching forbidden objects, ignoring commands, going on walkies with my friends, snuggles on the couch and begging for food!! I can sit and lie down, but only if there are treats involved!! I hate thunder, lightning and heavy rain and like to hide in the hotpress during bad weather! I love to eat more than anything and will happily taste anything and everything on offer! In fact, I like to live by the motto “If it’s reachable, it’s eatable!” I am also known to trick the humans into thinking I have never been fed, often resulting in 2 dinners!!  I am the most loyal and loveable companion and bring so much joy to my family I’d love to be crowned the Nose of Tralee, because this sniffer is capable of finding the exact location and proximity of the nearest crumb!!



Ted loves to have a good nose about, even from his earliest days, as a puppy



Stitch is a Maltichon puppy. He came into my life August 2022, 3 months after I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has made my life so much better and he helped me get through my cancer diagnosis. He was by my side throughout all my treatment and I couldnt imagine him not in my life. He saved me. Stitch is turning one on the 26th of June. He is such a character. He loves to play and hes very funny and silly. He is the best thing we ever got for our family. He loves to pose for the camera and he is a charmer! He loves eating biccies and going for walks



Napoleon is a funny & cheeky 4 year old French Bulldog. He loves walks in the park & stealing underwear! He is brilliant with children and will play for hours with them. There is never a dull moment when Napoleon is around!



Winston is not only the best boy in the country but he also shows that having a disability shouldnt hold you back from living a great life. Winston suddenly lost his eyesight last august, right before we were due to move home from Canada. He had to have emergency surgery to have his eyes removed. Hes remained a positive happy dog and has adapted beautifully. His nose works extra hard as he has no eyesight and therefore should definitely win Nose of Tralee. We also share his journey and progress over on instagram at @winstontheaussalier



My name is Rua and I am a red fox Labrador. I serve as Mum’s supervisor when she works from home. I also make sure she gets sufficient exercise walking me. I love to hunt scents and play with my kong stix. I help Mum raise funds for her friend’s Labrador Rescue. I bark at strangers to keep my neighbourhood safe. I am well trained and obedient apart from an odd streak of stubbornness. I have lots of doggy friends and am helpful when doggies are in training as I love to show them the ropes. Mum says I am good with older people because I am gentle with them. I save my crazy stuff for Mum. I am also very good with mini humans and don’t over power them. I get taken everywhere that there is dog friendly accommodation because I am really good on holiday. I have been to Portugal for 3 months and went on holiday to Scotland last summer. I had a really great time and was well behaved everywhere I went. Please vote for me in the Nose of Tralee and vote a lot. I will be very happy to get lots of votes because I have turned into a really good boy.

Pet Sitter


Ozzy Pawsbourne

Ozzy is a rescue dog from one of our many amazing Irish rescues, Cara Rescue. Despite having an extremely difficult start to life, being left starved, alone and tied up, this pup is one of the happiest and friendliest you’ll ever meet! Ozzy’s playfulness hasn’t just benefited his humans by keeping them endlessly entertained but it has also benefited many foster doggys that have struggled to come out of their shells. Ozzy is a social, dog about town and you can find him sitting outside schools in the morning being greeted with lots of pets or out on the town over the weekend in our dog friendly locals! This spirit and character (along with his dashing good looks) would make Ozzy the perfect Nose of Tralee!



Bella is a loving 12 year old pup, who enjoys walking and swimming. She is enjoying her golden years and would make a great Nose of Tralee. she wants everyone to know that white facial hair denotes experience not age.



After a ruff start to life, since being rescued two years ago, Dougal has come on leaps and bounds. When we first met him he was scared of everyone and everything, but now hes a happy, confident and silly guy who loves meeting new people, playing hand paw and chilling out with his brother Alan the cat. He’s silly and goofy and lovely and were so happy he joined our family.



Buddy is a mixture of a pitbull and a whippet with a heart of gold. Buddy is the best friend a human could get if you ever needed one . Because of his breed everyone is always fearful. People who are Terrified of dogs absolutely love him once they meet him and realize that he is such a sweetie with a huge personality. Buddy is the most lovable baby that loves to greet people with a hug. He’s so outgoing and sociable. I think he would make a great nose of tralee as it can help educate people to not always judge the breed of the animal as it’s the way they are raised. If owners are more careful with their fur babies and read the signs of their dog being anxious or uncomfortable then alot of accidents can be prevented. Buddy’s lovable personality shows every day as he’s great with people from all walks of life. He knows how to adapt to different personalities and abilities and is so gentle. Buddy is only 2 and he’s the smartest baby you’ll ever come across always learning quickly especially when it comes to food. Buddy looks after a disabled cat and loves do be company for a blind horse. When he visits his nanny he’s so gentle knowing the difference of abled bodied people. His favourite thing to do is travel the country with me and I always feel protected. He’s a great guard and the gentlest giant too. His personality shines through and you’ll never have a bad day when he’s cuddled into you. When you walk in the door whether it be 5 mins or 5 hours he’s always ready to greet you as if he hasn’t seen you in years. Dogs give so much for their humans and this is why I think buddy deserves to be entered into the nose of tralee as he is just the best friend. He gives so much never expecting anything in return and it’s always 110% I could rant and rave about him all day and never have enough to say. He really is my best friend and my little fur baby and deserves the most in life.




At the grand age of 23, Lola has life all figured out. She was adopted after almost two years in a foster home, at the age of 20 1/2, all so she could accompany her (former) foster humans when they emigrated to Ireland back in 2020. Her favourite hobbies are napping, birdwatching, and pushing much younger cats off the furniture in an attempt to recreate the scene from the lion king. Lola would make a great Nose of Tralee because older cats are so often overlooked for adoption, but have so much life, love and (in Lola’s case) mischief left in them.



Podge is a gorgeous fawn coloured Pugalier (mix between a Pug and a Cavalier King Charles) and he is nearly 3 years old. He is the baby of the house and is adored by everyone. Podge’s special talent is his ‘head tilt’. When you mention his favourite words or other dogs names or sometimes just talking to him in general, he tilts his head from side to side. He is the best licker, he loves licking peoples legs and in particular any cuts they may have. He is the happiest dog despite having suffered blood poisoning followed by a stroke when he was only 6 months old and had to undergo two blood transfusions in order to save him. He loves playing and long walks, in particular he enjoys exploring different locations in Tipperary. He loves to bark at other dogs to communicate with them and show them who is boss, but really he’s afraid of his life but likes to make them think he’s not. Podge is unique in every way and such a lovable rouge!



Lexi is such a friendly girl and not only does she look after all our family she is a regular at all our elderly neighbours. A friend for everyone



Greetings, wonderful people! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Momo, a 16-year-old Maltese who embarked on an extraordinary adventure two years ago. It all began when I hopped on a plane from Taiwan and discovered my new home in the enchanting land of Waterford, Ireland. As time has passed, age has caught up with me, bringing along a few health challenges such as dementia, a delicate heart, and creaky joints. However, my mommy showers me with endless love and affection, and together we continue to explore the enchanting parks and heritage sites of Ireland. Additionally, we have discovered many delightful pet-friendly cafes that bring joy to my furry little heart! Furthermore, we document these wonderful journeys on social media, allowing people from around the world to witness the beauty of Ireland. It brings us great happiness to share our experiences and spread the love for this amazing country. But that’s not all! My mommy has gone above and beyond by establishing an online community – the Senior Dog/Dog Owners Advice and Support Group, to share the experiences of caring for senior dogs like me. She supports and guides other owners who find themselves with furry companions entering their golden years. You see, even though I may not possess the same energy and agility I once had, my heart overflows with boundless love. Every single moment spent with my mommy is treasured, and our bond grows stronger with each passing day! Wishing you all an abundance of love and warm cuddles!



Bina is a one year old dachshund with the personality of an old man. She loves to lounge in the sun and bark at kids. She loves having a full belly and stealing bits off your plate of dinner. She poses any time you hold a camera in front of her & knows her angles. She’s definitely a lady when she wants to be.



Lily is a 1 year old border collie. She’s a lovable and funny dog. She’s forever trying to give kisses. When I return home she barks hello until I say it back. Lily is a poser when it comes to the camera, always trying her best to smile.


Pet Sitter


Daisy Doo

Our Daisy Doo has the kindest heart and is the cutest little sausage dog you’ll ever see. She is classy, sassy and a bit smart assy. 2 dogs long and half a dog high, There’s more to me than meets the eye  Playful, lively and always eager for treats, I’d love to win the nose of Tralee!


Pet Sitter