Facebook Group For Pet Lovers In Ireland

If you are reading this then I am guessing you are a massive Pet Lover! You probably fill you Facebook page with pictures of your pets and your phone probably has more pictures of your pets on it than your own two legged family!

I get it…you love them so much you want to show all those cute pictures off to everyone you know.

  • Pictures of them sleeping
  • Pictures of them waking up
  • Pictures of them eating
  • Pictures of them in their newest coat!
  • Pictures of them playing ball

and more…… pictures, pictures, pictures……

So how would you like to join a group of like minded individuals who also love their pets as much as you do and want to not only share pictures of their pets but also oooh and ahhh over the pictures that you post of your pets!

If the answer is YES LET ME IN THERE NOW!!!! Then the Love Your Pets Facebook Group is the perfect place for you.

Join now!


Love Your Pets

This is a group for Pet Owners in Ireland (although we do have a few International Guests) who love their pets and enjoy sharing pictures of them, talking about them and generally just showing off their love for their pets.

We do have rules….No promotional posts, no spam, no fighting! (or you will be removed from the group without warning)

This is just a fun place to celebrate the love we all have for animals – with maybe the occasional competition to win something cool for your pets!

Join Us TODAY and start celebrating the love you have for your pets.


See you inside the group!