How Much Exercise Does My Kitten Need?

Are you worried that your kitten is not getting enough exercise? Can exercising your kitten train them to play less aggressively? Is your kitten gaining a little too much weight too quickly? How much exercise does your kitten need? These are all questions new kitten owners ask themselves.

Does My Kitten Need To Exercise For Long Periods Each Day?

Your kitten will let you know when they want to play and when they want to rest. As kittens need 18-22 hours of sleep per day, it is highly likely that you will only get a few minutes of high energy playtime with your kitten each day in between their extensive rest periods.

As your kitten will be active in short spurts, there is no need to for them to exercise for longer than they show interest. Forcing them to be active when they are tired may lead to them associating you with a negative feeling and they will begin to distance themselves from you. This is not a good thing, as your kitten could then start to look for ways to hide from you or to escape your home.

My Kitten Plays Aggressively. Can I Train Them To Be More Gentle?

Kittens don’t know when too much aggression is too much for you until you tell them and correct their behaviour gently. As they play aggressively with other kittens and animals, they think that all animals and humans play that same way. Kittens will play aggressively until they are shown how to play more gently by you.

The best way to do this is to play with them and correct their behaviour gently so they understand how to play without hurting you. Giving them treats and praise after playing gently enforces the positive behavior they exhibit and they will then begin to associate that gentleness with positive feelings and praise from you.

My Kitten Is Gaining Weight – Do They Need More Exercise?

It’s commonly misinterpreted that when kittens gain weight it’s down to their exercise habits. In actual fact, your kitten is likely eating either too much, or the wrong kind of food that is not giving them what their digestive system can realistically burn off. It’s recommended to try your kitten on a new type of food to see if they respond better to it while adhering to the recommended amount of food on the side of the packaging for their age and weight.

Many cat foods on the market contain fillers and corn meals that can lead to unhealthy pets over time. Eventually, on the right amount and type of food, your kitten will naturally become more energised, slimmer, and find ways to keep themselves more active on their own. After choosing the right food for your kitten, do your best to stick to that type of food so they can keep a healthy digestive and immune system.