Dublin Husky Rescue: Charity Sky Dive

There are so many dogs in need of help in Ireland, and rescues, like the Dublin Husky Rescue, not only struggle to find space for the animals brought into their care, but they also find it hard to meet all the costs that are associated with running an animal rescue.

Often donations and fund raising events are the only thing that keeps them from closing their doors, and of course a huge amount of passion for the work that they do.

So when we found our that our Meath Nose of Tralee’s owner Megan  was raising money for the Dublin Husky Rescue we wanted to find out a bit more about the cause.

Dublin Husky Rescue

Why Have You Chosen This Rescue To Raise Money For?

This charity is very close to my heart and I have a love for huskies which some of you may know. Like all charities these guys work their socks off! It should really be called All Ireland Husky Rescue, because whether there’s a Husky in Meath, Cork or Belfast they will do everything in their power to save that Husky.

This rescue like so many relies on donations, they have no premises to hold the huskies, so they depend on foster homes and if they can’t get foster homes then they pay for kennels. This rescue is run by 2 people alone (Andy and Karen). They clean up after everyone’s mess, from the excuses as to why they don’t want their husky anymore, to them being abandoned in pound, to the cruelty cases, it’s just endless.

I feel that Huskies have it hard in this country and then you see amazing people like Andy and Karen throw them a lifeline. They have helped endless amounts of huskies over the last few years, they even get calls on Christmas Day!!

From having my own Husky (Dexter) I know that Huskies can be stubborn, mischievous and are houdinis. But a little effort and a lot of love and you’ve got yourself a best friend.

How Can People Help You?

In order to raise the money I plan to do a Sky Dive and I am looking for people to sponsor me.

I have set up a Facebook Page to keep everyone updated HERE

If you would like to sponsor me you can donate skydive4charity and they will add it to my account.
Remember to quote my registration number which is S4C8047

I have to raise €250 before I can book at date to do the skydive and he minimum I must raise is €450 but I intend to raise a lot more!!

We look forward to following Megan’s fund raising progress!