Animal Rescues You Can Donate To This Christmas

animal rescues

animal rescues

It’s coming up to Christmas and we are all starting to think about what we are getting our pets (and friends and family!) for Christmas. We are making lists, browsing the internet and looking through the Argos catalogue. But one thing we could all add to our list this Christmas is a donation of some kind to our local animal rescues.

As the weather gets colder and the local animal rescue centres take in more animals they definitely need more help from animal lovers across Ireland. Whether you are in a position to give money, your time or physical items like bedding or food then every rescue will be grateful for your support.

How Can You Help Your Local Animal Rescue This Christmas

Below are some of the ways that you can help your local rescue this Christmas.

#1. Make a financial donation

All rescues need financial donations from the public. Although some will get government grants this will never be enough to run the rescue. Donations can be made as a one-off donation or a monthly commitment.

Your money will be used for food, bedding, vets bills, heating, lighting and general supplies.

#2. Purchase Christmas cards

A lot of rescues sell Christmas cards that you can purchase every year. It’s a great way to help out the rescue and get some cute Christmas cards with animals on them!

Encourage friends and family to do the same. A lot of rescues you can order cards online so it’s a convenient way to get them without having to drag yourself around the shops.

#3. Purchase a calendar from them

Everyone needs a calendar to organise their life. Why not purchase calendars from your local rescue and give them as gifts to family and friends.

It’s the perfect gift and helps raise awareness for the rescue as well.

#4. Donate supplies, e.g. food, bedding, newspaper or toys

As you can probably imagine rescues get through a lot of food, bedding, newspaper, supplies, toys etc. When you think of all the animals they take care of that’s a lot of mouths to feed and poop to clean up.

Anything you can donate to help is always appreciated, even if it’s just a pile of old newspapers or some old sheets you no longer need.

#5. Volunteer your time, e.g. walking dogs, fundraising

When a rescue has a lot of dogs it can be hard for them to make sure that they all get out for a walk. Volunteering to walk dogs for the rescue makes for a lot of wagging tails.

You could also host an event to raise money for the rescue. Selling raffle tickets for prizes is a great way to raise the much needed funds that a rescue needs.

#6. Foster a pet

Rescues are often looking for people to foster pets while they find them a new home. This might be for a few days or for longer depending on how full the rescue is and how quickly they can find a forever home for the pets.

This is something you would need to discuss with the rescue so that they can assess your suitability for being a foster.

#7. Adopt a pet

Adopt don’t shop is key to helping rescues. They desperately need people to give animals in their care a forever home rather than buying a dog online.

There are so many animals in rescues that need loving homes.

Animal Rescues You Can Donate To This Christmas

Please note this is not a full list of Rescues in Ireland – if you would like to add a rescue to the list then please add them to the comments below.

ASH Animal Rescue

Location: Kiltegan, Rathdangan, Co Wicklow

You can donate to Ash Rescue HERE

There are also options to help out by volunteering your time, purchasing Christmas cards or a calendar.


Location: Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

You can donate to the DSPCA HERE

There are lots of ways to donate including a one-off donation, monthly donations, sponsoring a dog or legacy donations.

Dogs Trust

Location: Dublin

You can donate to Dogs Trust HERE

You can donate a monthly amount or a one-off donation if you prefer.

Dublin Husky Rescue

Location: Kildare

You can find out more about Dublin Husky Rescue HERE

You can donate through Paypal to [email protected]


Location: Keenagh, Co. Longford, Ireland

You can donate to the ISPCA HERE

You can make one-off donations or regular donations.


Location: Kildare

You can donate to the KWWSPCA HERE or by making a PayPal payment to [email protected]

You can also donate items to Noah’s Ark, the KWWSPCA Charity Shops in Newbridge.

They have annual donation plans and are always looking for people to foster animals brought into them.


Location: Galway

You can donate to Madra HERE

You can give a one-off donation, a monthly donation and can even donate via text message.


Paws Animal Rescue

Location: Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary

You can donate to Paws HERE

You can make a one-off donation or sign up to a monthly donation.

Westmeath SPCA

Location: Mullingar, Co Westmeath

You can donate to Westmeath SPCA HERE

You can donate food, set up monthly donations or legacies.

If you have other rescues you support then please let us know in the comments below.




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