The Cost of Dog Walking in Dublin

Choosing A Dog Walker

When people call the office looking for Dog Walking Services I would say 30% are interested in price only and never ask about how our services work – they are just shopping around for the cheapest option.

That’s fine – as we appreciate that people have budgets – but we are never going to be the cheapest Dog Walking Company in Ireland and we don’t ever claim to be.

Our prices are based on many factors:

  • Paying our dog walkers a fair rate for their services
  • Insuring our company- which anyone in business will know is not cheap!
  • Running an office – to make sure there is back up in place
  • Paying ourselves a wage!

Choosing A Dog Walker

So how much does Private Dog Walking in Dublin Cost (Based on Walking 2 Dogs)?

Our prices range from 10 euro – 20+ euro depending on the length and frequency of the walk.

But what is the average cost of Dog Walking in Dublin?

We looked at a number of websites offering Dog Walking Services, many of which the link didn’t work or they didn’t display the price of a Dog Walk – but from the 3 sites we found prices here are the details.

Site 1 – 35 euro per walk for 2 dogs

Site 2 – 17 euro for one dog, plus 10 euro for additional dog

Site 3 – 15 euro per 30 mins, plus 10 euro per additional dog

It’s clear these are not the cheapest options out there either – in fact our prices are quite a bit lower in some instances.

The cheap options are the local cash operators, who offer services for 5 or 10 euro a dog walk – many of which you will find on different forums and boards.

But would you leave your dog with someone who charges 5-10 euro for an hour dog walk? What would happen if they didn’t turn up? What is their back-up plan?

Read our article which talks about choosing a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker.

Find out why you need a back up plan to make sure your dog isn’t left crossing their Paws.

Or give us a call to talk about your Dog Walking needs on 1800 30 30 10.



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