Dog walking at night

I was out last night walking Patch and Coco, and of course our cat ‘Top Cat’ came with us as always, and it was only when a car came down the lane and I started to check all the pets were safely next to me, and make sure the driver could see us, that I realised just how dark it was and how important safety is at night.

With the clocks going back and the nights getting darker I would always stick to the following safety tips.

  • Carry a torch
  • Don’t listen to music or chat on the phone – always be aware!
  • Walk with a friend or atleast let someone know where you are going
  • Keep your dog on a lead so you always know where they are
  • Be visible !

But just how visible were we really. I had my torch, but I did worry whether the driver could really see the dogs properly – never mind the cat !!!

So back at home, and in front of the fire, I found a number of useful items to make the dogs more visible – still not sure about the cat!

High visibility safety coats

High Visibility Dog Collars

High Visibility Dog Leads

So there is no reason that both you and your pets cannot be safe when out walking at night !



One thought on “Dog walking at night

  1. good idea – I wish more humans would use reflectors too – coming home at 5pm I met one human out walking without any reflective jacket.
    A dog wearing a reflector could save a human’s life too! 😉

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