Will My Dog Be Lonely When I Am At Work?

Dog Lonely At Work

We get lots of concerned pet owners calling us to talk about whether their dog will be lonely when they are at work. Some people are just thinking about getting a dog and want to chat about their options for when their new family member arrives, others are finding it hard to get back from work at lunch and early in the evenings due to increasing work commitments.

I can totally empathize with people, as every time we plan to do something I always think of my dogs and what I need to organise for their care. They are my first thought.

But, we all have to work, so it’s best to understand how you can stop your dog from being lonely when you are at work.

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Will My Dog Be Lonely When I Am At Work?

When you are deciding what to do with your dog when you are at work there are a few things to consider:

  1. Does your dog get anxious when they are home alone?
  2. Is your dog destructive when you are not home?
  3. How much exercise does your dog need on a daily basis?

Once you understand the personality of your dog and the level of exercise they need then you can decide the type of care your dog needs each day.

How Can A Dog Walker Stop Your Dog From Being Bored?

Having a Dog Walker come to your home has many benefits:

#1. Break up the day

By arranging for a Dog Walker to visit during the day while you are out at work it breaks the day up for dog and gives them something to look forward to. They will soon get into a routine and start to expect their Dog Walker to come and look forward to it.

#2. Let your dog out for some fresh air

It can be a long day in the house, especially on a warm day. So, much like we would take a stroll at lunch in the fresh air then a Dog Walker can come in and make sure your dog gets a sniff of fresh air.

It’s important that your dog is regularly exposed to new environments so prevent boredom and destruction – so a walk midday will help with this.

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#3. Check on their water/give a snack

Your Dog Walker can make sure that refreshments and snacks are available to your dog. On a warm day it’s surprising how much water your dog will drink and so having someone check on their water levels will give you peace of mind.

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#4. Play games with them

Your Dog Walker can play games with your dog to make sure they are mentally and physically stimulated. Burning off some energy during the day will make sure that they are not destructive.

They can also restock interactive dog treats so they have something to play with.

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Here is what Rebecca had to say when we looked after her dogs.

“Thank you so much for looking after the gang! Mike said when I returned it would look like I had only been to the grocery store – it was better! Before I left, Mike had me go on to the website to fill out information about the gang and their vet. At the ‘meet & greet’ with the sitter, ‘C’, it was clear I was in the company of another dog lover. She had plenty of experience with two of the breeds of the gang and saw the method to my madness. I got a text after every visit and a note when I got home with the highlights. If only more businesses were this organised, efficient, and friendly!”

Other Things You Can Do To Do Stop Your Dog Being Lonely

There are other things you might want to try to stop your dog from being lonely.

  1. Leave them with Interactive Dog Toys – like a Kong.
  2. Leave the radio or TV on for them. Make sure they are used to this type of noise before you leave them alone.
  3. Get a companion for them. Sometimes dogs can be calmer and more relaxed if they have a friend to hang out with. I know our dogs are much happier together than apart.
  4. Try to rearrange your work week so you are not leaving them for long periods of time. This could involve working from home some days.

What Happens When You Decide To Hire A Dog Walker?

  1. Get in touch with us to chat about the different Dog Walking options available
  2. We will provide you with a quote for services
  3. Once you are happy with the service options we will arrange to come and meet with you and your dog.
  4. Your dog will get their Dog Walks as organised and you will receive pictures of them out on their walk each day.

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