Dog Walker Wanted: Why Your Dog Is Barking Like Mad For His Own Dog Walker


It’s a crisp autumn afternoon, perfect for a leisurely stroll and socializing with neighbours and their dogs along the way.

There’s only one problem.

You are at work.

Your dog is rolling around restlessly in his bed, craving a good walk, the feel of the fall sun on his fur, and a friendly face to tell him he’s a good boy.

If your dog could talk, one of the first things he would probably say – after gushing how much he loves you – is “Get me a dog walker!”

Here are several reasons your dog is just barking like mad for his own dog walker:

He’s bored.

Even if you work in the same space each day, you can get up, walk around, and go outside for some fresh air when the weather allows. Your dog doesn’t have that luxury. No matter how much he wants to go outside – to relieve himself, to take a walk, to wag his tail, and to eagerly thank neighbours for their generous pets on the head – he’s stuck in the house, growing more restless as each hour passes.

A dog walker will give your dog those loving pets on the head, will take him to relieve himself, and will allow him the opportunity to expend that energy he has spent hours storing up while napping on his favorite piece of furniture.DogWalking

He craves companionship.

Arguably, dogs are some of the most sociable animals. They love their families and would probably spend every moment with them if they could. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic for the majority of us. A dog walker can provide your dog with the companionship he craves, breaking up the day, and making the time until you get home go faster.

He needs exercise.

Without sufficient exercise, dogs often suffer from behavioral problems, such as aggression. A dog, who is cooped up at home all day and every day until his loving family returns, is at a higher risk for developing behavioral problems simply because he’s got too much pent-up energy. A dog walker will ensure your dog expends that energy so your dog can relax and wait for you to return home.

He needs to use the toilet.

Imagine trying to not go to the toilet for hours at a time each day. You’d probably have an accident, at least here or there, a few times. Dogs need the opportunity to go outside to use the toilet, unless you’ve taught your dog how to use a litter box or puppy pads, and that’s exactly what a dog walker will provide. Your professional dog walker will allow your dog multiple opportunities to relieve himself prior to, during, and after their walk.

You love your dog and want only the best for him. Your dog will leap for joy – barking ecstatically – each day when your professional dog walker arrives for his daily walk.

Where is your dog’s favourite spot to walk? Do you think he would bark enthusiastically when a professional dog walker visits each day?



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