Review Of Dog TV: An Interview With Founder Ron Levi

DOG TVWhen we read about Dog TV we were so excited. Our dogs both seem to enjoy watching TV or are at least fascinated by the sounds on the TV. At the time Joey had just joined us and was having trouble settling at night – so it seemed perfect timing that we would try out the service ourselves.

Be warned, when you tell your friends you signed up for DOG TV they will think you are crazy! But we have found it has really helped Joey settle at night. He loves the sounds of the water and the birds and it definitely calms him.  So for us it is definitely money well spent.

We talked in a recent article about the pros and cons of leaving the radio on for your dog, and one of the cons is definitely that you have no control over the content. But with DOG TV you know that everything is totally suitable for your dog.

We contacted Ron Levi, the brain child behind Dog TV, to find our more about the service. So read our interview below and found out whether you will need to buy your dog a mobile phone to enjoy the services of DOG TV!


Who is the brain child behind the idea of Dog TV?

The idea for DOGTV came to me (Ron) in 2006. I used to leave my ginger, British cat, Charlie, home alone for many hours each day, and felt really guilty about it.

I decided to turn on the TV and play some stuff I got from the internet for him – birds, fish etc. Charlie reacted amazingly to what’s on the screen, and got me to think – TV can really be a beneficial tool to entertain pets when home alone.


When we signed up for Dog TV I expected there to be just dogs featured on the shows – but there are a lot of other animals and different sounds. What’s the science behind Dog TV?


DOGTV’s content is divided into 3 categories: Stimulation, Relaxation and Exposure. Through research we learned that as far as what stimulates them, dogs love seeing other animals on screen, especially dogs. Our “Stimulation “programs include many dogs running around and playing, moving objects and animations, and many other animals we learned dogs enjoy viewing: elephants, monkeys, zebras etc.

We learned so much from the different studies done in universities around the world about what dogs need, how do they see and how do they perceive the world.

BTW, some of the best studies came from Queens University in Belfast, and a researches named Deborah Wells, who studies the effect of television and music on sheltered dogs.

Can any other animals watch Dog TV?

Since the launch of DOGTV in the US we got many photos and videos of cats loving the channel, and also many parrots. BTW, there are even studies of the influence of TV on fish. Go figure.


How is Dog TV different to just putting regular TV, or even radio, on for your dog?

Since the 80’s, leading organizations recommend leaving TV or radio on for your dog so they won’t feel as lonely and bored when home alone. In fact, many people do just that.

The problem with other channels is that they were not designed for dogs, but for humans: there are commercials on them (with loud sounds), scary news reports on the news channels, talk, various music styles, or scary crocodiles on the animal channels.

DOGTV was designed with dog’s point of view, with 100% programs for dogs, in the colours that they see, music that was proven to be suitable for them, camera techniques to fit dog’s point of view, so the channel is the ideal babysitter for your dog when you’re out. There is no need to be worried if you leave your dog with DOGTV, unlike with any other channel.


Are there different shows your dog can watch?

DOGTV is made of 1 hour blocks of 2-5 min programs – Stimulation, Exposure and Relaxation.

Each show is short because that’s the attention span of a dog.

They shows are scheduled according to the day cycle of a dog.


There is an app for Dog TV – does that mean I need to buy my dog its own mobile phone?

Lol. No, but it does mean you can leave DOGTV on for your dog whenever you want and wherever in the world you are. Isn’t technology something? So now we’re getting lots of videos of dogs turning to iPads.


Tell us about your work with the Humane Society?

DOGTV and The Humane Society of the United States work together to keep dogs happy in their homes for a lifetime. That’s why DOGTV supports The HSUS’s Pets for Life program, aimed at providing assistance to pets and people in underserved communities. Every time your dog enjoys DOGTV, know that you’re helping support The HSUS’s Pets for Life program.


Finish this sentence.

Your dog needs Dog TV because…… he’ll be happier, healthier and more relaxed when home alone.


So, what do you think of DOG TV – would you consider getting it for your own dog? Have to tried it out and got any thoughts about it? Let us know.




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