[Episode 21] Interview With Gillian Thompson About Dog Trainer in Your Pocket

Dog Trainer in Your Pocket

One of the biggest challenges new and existing dog owners face is training their dog. Do you take them to training classes? Should you use self taught material like books and YouTube Videos or should you hire a private dog trainer? Or could you use the app Dog Trainer in Your Pocket?

This week we chatted to Gillian from the Dog House about their Dog Trainer in Your Pocket App that helps you train your dog while you are on the move.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How the training app came about?
  • What you can use the app for?
  • What the benefits are of the app compared to other methods.
  • Some training tips to stop your dog jumping up.

Links Mentioned in the show:

The Dog House Website: www.thedoghousetrading.com

The details of the app and where to download: www.thedoghousetrading.com/our-app/

As Gillian mentioned in the show she is looking for feedback on the app, so if you decide to download it and try it out then do get in touch with them and let them know what you think. www.thedoghousetrading.com/contact-us/