Dog Toys To Keep Your Dog Occupied

It’s really important for your dog to be occupied during the day. As a domesticated pet they need mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored and destructive while you are out of the house. If they were out in the wild they would be able to run about and burn off their energy.

There are so many different types of Dog Toys that you can get for your dog – so it’s about getting the right one for them.

Soft Toys – These can provide great comfort to dogs while you are out of the house or while they are sleeping at night.

I love my dog toy!!

Some dog will have massive cuddly soft toys that they sleep with at night and other just have a small toy they might carry around with them for comfort. These toys often come with a squeaker in them and can provide hours of (noisy!) fun for your dog.

Reward/Treat Toys – These are becoming increasingly popular and can provide hours of fun for your dog. These interactive dog toys are great for mental stimulation and can also make your dog work for their treats. We have several of these for Coco – some which are Puzzle Balls, others which are stuffable bones and balls.

Chew Toys – Dogs like to chew so it’s important that they have something that is suitable for their size that they can chew on without destroying it. Often chew toys can be stuffed with treats as well.

Throw Toys – Lots of dogs love to play fetch and so a range of throw toys can be great. You can’t go wrong with throwing a ball or a stick for your dog. You can even get balls which float in water as well for fun at the beach. Just make sure when you are throwing the ball that the area is safe for your dog. Also be careful throwing sticks for your dog that they don’t hurt their mouth.

Tug Of War – Dogs can love to play tug of war with you. Coco loves to pull on these and it’s a great game for inside play if the weather is not great outside.

What Dog Toys does your dog like to play with? Let us know by commenting below.



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