Dog Relaxation Techniques: What Your Dog Can Teach You About Relaxation

When I look at my dogs sitting on the sofa relaxing while I work I think to myself – what a great life it is for them to be so relaxed and chilled out all the time.

And then I think, well I could do that do – I just need to learn some of their relaxation techniques. Embrace the way they look at the day and start to adopt some of their habits.

So here goes…and if you have more please let me know!

5 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Relaxation

#1. Never Cut A Nap Short

A dog doesn’t stay up late to get jobs done around the house, they make sure they get their full 8-10 hours and maximise their beauty sleep.

You don’t see them thinking I must just get this washing done before I head to bed – NO, they know it’s time to nap and they make the most of it.

Don’t cut nap time short…your dog would tell you themselves that it is your duty to nap for the full amount of time!


#2. If You Are Tired Take An Immediate Break

We all get that slump in the afternoon and instead of ploughing through the day a dog just lies down right there and then and takes an immediate nap.

They don’t think about what others will think – they just flop on the floor in a heap and catch a few hours of sleep.

You could call it a power nap! But it’s never that short really.

So in future if you feel tired, then take an immediate break! Flop down and nap!

#3. If The Sofa Is Taken Then Push Everyone Else Off

You come in from work and you are tired, and you see your favourite spot on the sofa has been taken. So what do you do? You go sit somewhere else.

But if you were a dog, you wouldn’t accept that….no you would wiggle your way in and make sure you got the space you wanted for your relaxing nap.

EVEN if that meant digging your paws in a few people to make it happen.

So next time that unwanted visitor arrives and sits in your comfy seat, get out those elbows and start making space for yourself!

#4. Can’t Get Comfy…Then Start Digging

Ever have a night in bed where you just can’t get comfy? What do we do? Nothing!

We probably just moan the next day about our bad nights sleep. BUT if we were a dog we would immediately take action and start rearranging the bed.

Because dogs don’t let their relaxing sleep get ruined, instead they take action!

So next time you can’t sleep then jump up on the bed and start rearranging the duvet…you know it makes sense!

#5. If In Doubt Circle

Can’t relax, feeling stressed out, lots to do and don’t know where to start. Then circle! Yes that’s what a dog would do…they would walk around in a circle until their mind was made up.

There is never a time when you can’t just circle and everything will seem better after it!

I challenge you to circle at every opportunity…my dogs love it so you should too!

So what do you think? Will you start to relax more if you adopt some dog relaxation techniques?